Ignore Motion Detection for events under 1s



Voted for this! I’ve had my cameras installed for just a few hours. They work fantastic but the motion events caused by insects is causing so many false positives, it makes my cameras useless as an intruder warning system. I can imagine the bug problem will be much worse in the warm months.


I give up.
I’ve had to turn Motion Detection off on all my cameras whether they are my indoors or outdoors cameras,
I’m getting constant false alerts from something as small as a bug or rain at night to subtle changes in lighting from a passing cloud or shadows from swaying tree limbs.
So if light is streaming in a window and a cloud goes by, my indoor cameras send an alert. Doesn’t matter how low I set the sensitivity. Likewise the cameras I have outside do the same thing.
As much as I hate to admit this, but I may just have to take them all down and look for other security cameras.
I sure hope Wyze comes up with something soon.


Here is an idea. Have the screen grab for the event displayed contain the motion tracking green box showing the actual “motion” that triggered the event. This would allow the user to preview and assess right from that page. I do see this but very rarely. I also do realize that the motion tracking green box is an option. I use it, but it seems a more useful feature if it actually appeared in the preview screen grab.


I have motion tagging enabled but it just shows that it is picking up shadows or subtle light changes or bugs/rain/dust at night.
As a work around, I have narrowed the motion detection area to the smallest rectangle I can make to either cover just a window or door area. In addition, I have turned off night vision. These steps has helped but only marginally.


good idea. I have to turn off event recordings during snow. Otherwise, all the snow flakes are triggering meaningless events.


I like the idea of a time delay on “motion” alerts. I live at the end a dead-end street in a town apparently full of people who cannot read “DeadEnd” signs. We get many folks who drive down and turn around and drive off -they trigger the cams each time. I’ve adjusted the sensitivity but then I get failure to record during day events. Plus -moths drive the cams crazy for about 1-2 seconds and then nothing for the rest of the video.


I also like this idea. A delay would also help with not creating an event when a timed light turns on in the room. Or the sun coming out from behind a cloud.


As good as these units are, I agree there’s some nice options still needing attention and this is one of them. I would prefer the sensor to be both heat and motion activated for triggering. That would eliminate tree movement, bugs etc. Adjustable “pixel size” possibly for eliminating animals if wanted.


I have one under the eave of my house aimed at my driveway. I live on a hill so every time a car goes by while night vision is enabled, it alerts me. I was testing having our Hue lights flash with IFTTT when motion is detected and every time a car went by at night all of our lights would flash. We are very happy with the IFTTT integration. We use it with Life360 to automatically turn motion detection on when the last person leaves the house and vise versa. I am thinking about flashing the camera with OpenIPC to have access to the comprehensive iSpy motion detection setting which I have used in the past, but we wouldn’t be able to use it with Life360:frowning_face: