Ignore Motion Detection for events under 1s


I voted yes - but would definitely like configurable option for more than 1 second (1-5 would work for me).


Great idea. I live in front of a busy street and at night headlights seem to trigger it a lot.


I’m not sure this will help much with the headlights. I also live on a busy street and at a corner on top of that. Car headlights sweep my front, side and back yards setting off up to four different cameras. Setting a time delay to ignore headlights is probably going to ignore everything else too. You may end up cancelling all the benefits of motion detection. YMMV


agree! I installed a separate IR source across the way from my camera, but I still get bugs attracted to the IR lights of the Wyze. An “IR off” feature would be a great solution. In the meantime, I am considering the “tape over” option.


If you do, I’d like to know if the second Ir source draws them away. Someone said they didn’t think it would help and after watching hundreds of flying bugs set off notices, I’m not so sure how much it will help. It’s not like you see moths banging their heads against a light bulb, it’s mostly fly-by’s.