IFTTT person detected notification

There is IFTTT app “Notify me when motion detected” but is anybody aware of the “person” (only) detected text message notification?


I dont think there is a person only IFTTT yet, just the person only notification in the app itself

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You can vote for it here: Add even more IFTTT triggers + actions. Be sure the click the VOTE button at the top.


I also wanted this notification to use as an “if” trigger for a Smartthings “that”. In the end though I had to use Tasker, Sharptools, and Notification Listener (first 2 are paid apps but hugely useful, ~$7 together) instead. There is a bit of a learning curve and you will need an android device (iOS won’t work).
Here are the basics:
You will be setting up Tasker to intercept the Wyze person detection notifications, so make sure that is on in the Wyze app for each camera you care about.
Download and install Tasker and Sharptools on your android device (lots of helpful youtubes out there)
In Shaptools app’s settings, enable Tasker integrations (pay wall)
In Sharptools, “subscribe” to the device and its attribute you are interested in, in my case the “switch” attribute of one of my simulated switches, named Bob
Now create a Profile in Tasker (profile is Tasker’s equivalent lingo for an IFTTT “if” trigger)
Choose Event > UI > Notification
Set Owner App to: Wyze
Text field (incl. the asterisks represented here as X): XPersonXYourCameraNameX
Now add a Tasker Task (a container for specific Actions that are the equivalent of IFTTT “that”) to the Profile.
Add an Action to that task: Plugin > Sharptools > A Thing
Configuration: (Smarttools screeen will pop up)
Select your device type such as: simulated switch,
Device to control: MySimSwitch
Command: On (in my case)
Now you will need a second Tasker profile/task to periodically clear you Wyze notifications. Seems there is a limit on the number of notices per app in Android, which varies based on what the app developer set.
Create a Tasker profile based on time. Setting the to and from time equal to each other with no interval will trigger once a day.
Create a task using the Notification Listener plug-in to delete by app name
Text (incl. the asterisks represented here as X): XWyzeX
That’s it. BTW if you want a cheap android device, a “prepaid” cell phone from Tracfone or the like can be had for $30, and just never sign up for cell service (use wifi only). Make sure it is running Android Oreo or higher and NOT Android Go edition.

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Hi SaidWhatWhen, Has your solution been fast enough?
I wonder if my lights (through ewelink) will turn on as soon as a person is detected.

Yes, as soon as the person detected notice comes from Wyze, my Smartthing routine triggers. Some caveats: my android device is in my home, so once triggered, I assume that there is no latency between Sharptools and my hub (never tried it with the android device away from home). Wyze cam takes a few seconds to recognize a person before sending the notice. Since I am mainly using this to turn on lights as burglar deterrent, that is OK because it would take the theif longer than that to break in and they would be caught on video regardless.

This is exactly what I am looking for but, till now IFTTT buttons I have added to my phone take almost 1 minute to start, (when I am away from home).
My concern is that the lights turn on when the thieves have already left.

If you have a memory chip in the camera, recording can happen continuously, and you still get all the “events” that Wyze captures. So you will see the thieves regardless of whether your lights turn on. My doors are pretty hardened at this point, so a thief will have to spend some time trying to kick them in or whatever. My hope is that the light dissuades them from spending that needed time. In the end, 95% of home security is making your house seem like a bad bet compared to your neighbor’s house.

Definitely need this.

Any updates on this? I would like to use the Wyze person detection to turn on the lights, since it got better recently at filtering out animals, it would be the perfect solution for people like me with cats and dogs that trigger infrared sensors all the time.

Are you talking about using it with a Wyze Bulb, or using it through IFTTT to turn on some other bulb?

With Wyze Bulbs, you can do this through Wyze’s native rules. No IFTTT needed. Choose the camera as a trigger and select “Detect a person.”

If you’d like to do it through IFTTT, it can’t be done yet. I doubt they’ll ever add total feature parity to third-party services like IFTTT and Alexa and Google, in terms of triggers. But I added a wishlist item for a Wyze Virtual Switch, which would essentially enable total feature parity, without the need for them to directly add every trigger. Vote for it if you’d like to see it happen.

If Wyze added a virtual switch functionality, you could make a rule in the Wyze app that tells the virtual switch to turn on when a person is detected. Then you’d have a separate trigger in IFTTT that turns on third-party bulbs whenever the virtual switch is activated.