IFTTT No Longer Works?

Sorry if that sounded like a complaint, I’m just reporting my experience. My understanding is the Wyze has to pay IFTTT for the integration, so I would suggest Wyze may not be getting what they are paying which then translates to a poor experience for the user who picks up the products partially because “works with IFTTT” is printed on the box.

Very possible. Never had a good solid, or reliable, or timely experience with them so to be honest I moved away from them.

It’s more likely that Wyze has stopped maintaining their end of the IFTTT connection. To have their service on IFTTT, a company has to develop a web service for IFTTT to talk to. IFTTT publishes the documentation for how this works on their web site: https://platform.ifttt.com/docs. For me the issues started when Wyze added person detection. Wyze had to make changes to their own API that the app talks to in order to support the person detection features. It’s likely that their IFTTT web service is using that same API, and if they made changed to the API without updating the web service accordingly, it would cause the exact type of issues that we are seeing. If the problem was on IFTTT’s end, it would be affecting all IFTTT services and it’s not. IFTTT probably gets blamed unfairly for issues on their platform when the problem is being caused by the company whose service you are trying to connect to, like Wyze.

I’m pretty sure the same thing is going on with Best Buy’s IFTTT connection. I think Best Buy has made some kind of change to their internal API and didn’t update their IFTTT web service, and the IFTTT Best Buy connector is broken right now. It just gives an error when you try to look up a SKU to set up a price change notification for an item, for example.

I have used them since I first got Wyze (no pun intended) and they were good, then seemed to quit working reliably. Since the debacle with the new Rules I’ve gone back to them for batch functions and so far they have had no problems. Also use them with Smart Home and, knock on wood, no problems.
I agree with @rbruceporter - worth every penny you pay for it!:money_mouth_face::joy:

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Just an update since my last post. Since I started this thread, the issues seemed to be resolved for me. But for the past month, nothing… IFTTT has not worked a single time. Even after reconnecting. I’ve come to the conclusion that Wyze does not care whether IFTTT works or not. It used to work, but I think they care more about releasing new products and features than keeping previous features on previous products working. They have a video on how to use IFTTT so in my opinion, they should maintain the IFTTT applet just as they maintain the product itself. I’m now looking for a better solution that actually works for me. I’ll post if I find something better. In conclusion, I’m giving up on Wyze working with IFTTT. It is no longer a viable solution for home security.

I use IFTTT and for me lately it is working, but I have found more often than not the problem is on the IFTTT side and going into the service settings on IFTTT and reconnecting it will fix it. The reason I think this is an IFTTT issue is because I have to do this on IFTTT with my google credentials and my SmartThings credentials also.

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Added a new cam today and got the empty “Options Available” list. Tried re-authorizing, but no-go. Then I removed the Wyze service and added again. That worked.

After the most recent app update, IFTTT appears to not work at all with Wyze anymore or perhaps IFTTT changed something around the same time. I tried uninstalling IFTTT app, and re-installing. I can no longer even connect IFTTT to Wyze on the app. The app crashes when attempting to do so. In the browser, I was able to connect the wyze service, however turning on an app from platform goes to a blank screen during “connecting account”.

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I"m now running into the same issue as others report… works for a day then stops. There is an applet that will turn on motion detection when you leave your wifi instead of using location. I’m wondering if they made the same applet but that turns the camera on and off instead of just motion - if that would solve the issue since it wouldn’t have to rely on location.

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IFTTT frequently looses connection for both Wyze and Hue. Not sure why. Reconnecting resolves the issue for up to a week then I have to reconnect again. Oddly enough Ecobee stays connected with no issues? Been almost 4 months now for that connection.

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Ecobee is probably on top of their applets and maintaining them where Wyze seems to be more focused on producing new products.

Your solution does work.But when you search you must search for wyze service not just wyze