IFTTT Location Triggers

Life360 and WYZE through IFTTT has been rock solid for me for months! Glad you like the combo.

LIFE360 is especially good for tracking ALL family members so that cameras notifications turn on when last family member leaves … and shut down when first family member comes home.

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Can anyone help me how to setup a trigger for tracking all family members to turn on or off notifications ? I have tried using life360 and IFTTT but it is not working; still, after getting home i receive notifications… Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

I have a netgear nighthawk router. Can a WiFi detection applet work with any router, or only specific brands?

There are several IFTTT compatible routers. Mine is a TP-Link AC2600.

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Totally agree. Been using Life360 and it works like a champ for location triggering.