IFTTT and Motion/Contact Sensor v2?

It seems the Wyze IFTTT service isn’t able to display my v2 contact and motion sensors. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong (hopefully)? I only get my v1 contact/motion sensors and I’ve refreshed my Wyze service in IFTTT.


+1 for this. I was looking for this too. I can’t incorporate the new sensors in my IFTTT automations. So hopefully Wyze gets it added ASAP.


+1 here too. My old v1 sensors batteries died a long while back so was looking forward to having home automation (replacement batteries didn’t work out) back with the new sensors.

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Same issue here. I. Bought extra sensors specifically to trigger IFTTT routines. Is there a time frame that this will be up and running? Need this for motion sensors as well as contact sensors. With the V2 units.