Ideas for Wyze Doorbell V2

Having just survived some serious heat here in Portland OR, I noticed that my doorbell would go offline in the afternoons when the sun was beating down on my front door. Seems likely that was heat-related… so v2 could use some better heatsinks probably (also I’d say the doorbell should be able to gracefully reboot itself and reconnect to wifi without needing to be powercycled manually…)

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This is why the doorbell needs a stronger attachment plate.

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V2 of Wyze Doorbell Cam needs to:

  1. Have RTSP support like the V3 cams currently have in Beta
  2. Have an SD Card like a V3 Cam
  3. Work properly when displaying on a Amazon Echo Show (Sideways… not so functional)

@WyzeShanee is a V2 camera in the works? or a concept that is just that…, and it’ll be years before V2 is available?



This is why one of my WOC’s sits in my front garden area pointed back at the front door. It sits at ground level, under a pile of rocks… Most folks don’t look down to and see it there. It’s about 10 to 15 feet from the front door.


I did not buy one bc it does not have an SD card…I like control of my data

I agree that the doorbell would be great with SD card BUT you can have a V3 above it for that option, it works great for me.

So you have a doorbell and a camera above that?

I have a pan cam instead of the Wyze doorbell; why buy 2?

Yes, I have the Wyze doorbell and Wyze cam V3 above it.
The non-doorbell cameras are just not a doorbell, Meaning it doesn’t have the button to to press for the chime sound. I like having everything digital/wifi connected.

I had a V3 showing my front porch once, but moved it when I got the doorbell. Shouldn’t have to have a separate device when the doorbell could have handled it all!

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