Ideas for Wyze Doorbell V2

They’d have to break the plastic mounting tabs off, the doorbell only slides up non-destructively.

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Thieves don’t care about non destructive entry methods, sadly.

It pretty much makes it worthless though- no one’s going to buy a doorbell that can’t be mounted.

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Your move Wyze…

I await the eventual update to the video doorbell that takes advantage of thia update to the Google Assistant API, as well as an update to doorbell latency to fully take advantage of this development.

9to5Google: Google Assistant gains open support for smart home doorbells.

This new was just dropped in the Android Community forum. Hopefully this means there’s good news on the horizon for Wyze users that are tied into the Google Home Ecosystem?!
Anyways, I thought it’d share this with you guys in hopes to spread the news and keeping our fingers crossed for the support!

I do hope this will be a thing, it would help my not tech roommate alot I think. Also the all the cams in one place thing about using Google assistant is nice.

I just got my video doorbell installed and am surprised and disappointed that it does not have local SD card storage like the rest of my Wyze devices. Even my wireless outdoor cams record to the SD card inside the hub. I feel like the doorbell could/should be able to send video to the wireless hub or even another cameras SD card on the network. I don’t really need or want to have cloud services and certainly don’t want to pay monthly for each device I own so I really like how the rest of my system works using the local SD card storage.

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Video Doorbell with Local Storage, jumper for chime, multiple A/C chimes.

I basically need a very narrow doorbell with local storage (16gb internal or SD card). Make your WyzeCam V3 into a wired doorbell and I’m buying it.