Ideas for Wyze Doorbell V2

I was excited about the Wyze Doorbell, and planned for early order, but when I noticed that there is no SD card, I skip… I will not buy it without a SD card option…


I invested in WYZE bc I wanted to record all my own video with nothing on the cloud.

WYZE why Doesn’t the doorbell have a card slot to wok like all my other Wyze cams?

Tell me now, are you phasing out the ability to record on a card and go to making us pay for cloud?

Tell the truth before I invest more into your company.

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I haven’t received my doorbell yet but I was thinking if the door bell could tell you outside temperature would be great.

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I would love to have an SD card for the doorbell, I live on an interesting street, sometimes the AI is not spot on. That said I am also worried about the theft issue and wished that the FAQ better covered that topic.
As for the using the existing chime, I could not care less about that, but a lot of others do, I think this one can be tackled with an inline add on to deal with the power issue. With an add on it would give people the choice in setup.

I love the doorbell video camera. I do have one suggestion and that would be to allow the camera to move just like the other wyze camera’s. The reason is when I installed my doorbell video I am not able to see a large enough area like some of the other doorbell cameras.