Ideas for Wyze Cam V3

I can do this, but I’d rather you sell the camera with an external antenna mount.


The V3 cam has a feature where if the status light is enabled, it is blue all the time, and red when someone is live viewing the camera. (This is not a feature on the V2…)

But when the status light is turned off, it is off at all times, while being viewed, and when not.

It would be nice to know when it is being viewed, even if the all the time status is turned off.
So no light when not being viewed, but red light when it is.

And, it would also be nice to have the option to hear a beep or something when a view has started as well.

This seems like it could be accomplished via a firmware update only, (and of course a corresponding app update.

These things should be added to existing v2 cams as well.

Even though I may share a cam with someone else, I think everyone should have the right to see if they are currently being watched, even if it is by someone they have authorized.

So now what? How can my request / idea moved to the correct thread? All I want to do is turn the Night vision on in the V2 webcam firmware. Seems like a fairly simple implementation and very useful for all of us 3d print people

The Wyze Cam v3 its impressive piece of hardware for the amount of money it costs but its functionality its really REALLY limited and affected by the lack of features. I bought several subscriptions of Cam PLUS but I refuse to activate them on any of my cameras because the amount of false motion detection notifications I get is ridiculous, To the point that having the premium membership becomes useless. This is worse at night when headlights of passing cars or turning lights on and off inside the house trigger the devices all the time.

Just as you came up with the spotlight, could you make an attachment that connects to the v3 and contains an additional motion sensor (Passive Infrared Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Microwave Sensor, Tomographic Sensor, etc.) that its SYNCRONIZED with the camera pixel-base motion detection. This way, motion events can only happen when BOTH sensors are triggered. I mean you already have the hardware, software and settings from Wyze Cam Outdoor PIR, now just slap it into a mount for the v3, please.

I know that Cam PLUS this is a great way I can contribute to the company and I want to help but sadly Cam Plus is becoming useless for me. Then you add the fact that one cannot view cameras in a “Security Monitor Style” with all running on one screen or access from other devices such as computers makes the idea of getting the Wyze Cam for monitoring less appealing. Considering you are launching a professional home monitoring system (which I pre-ordered), currently offer package drop off detection, vehicle detection, person detection and many more monitoring features, having a camera that can properly detect these movements is what will set this monitoring ecosystem above all the others.

TL:DR Pixel-based motion detection can have many false motion detection events. A Spotlight-like attachment containing the PIR from Outdoor Cam will allow to set motion event recording and notification only when both sensors are triggered. Reducing the false triggers by substantial amounts.

Also like many have said. Please add a feature to stream all cameras on one screen for simultaneous viewing.

Thanks for your time and dedication.


Well said. I have too many false alerts on my longer running alerts now that I pay monthly. Can’t image what the cost is to Wyze on the backend to ensure there is enough storage for all the false alerts.

Lighting changes continue to be an issue. Headlight flashes, emergency vehicle flashes, lightning flashes, sunlight flashes, and any light changes all contribute to false alerts. So much that I have my settings set to the smallest possible box (10% of walkable area) just to minimize the alerts.
Then, I have a routine notification in evening and one in am to ensure my monitored items in yard are still there. If they disappear, I’ll look at any ignored motion alerts.

Detect the speed of passing cars and capture that speed with the image of the car.

Please add an external Wi-Fi antenna adapter/plug to the housing of your v3 camera. This would allow users to increase Wi-Fi signal strength when placement necessitates. There are instruction videos for doing this, but the process involves disassembly.

Adding an option to “chirp” on the recognition of a person. This would be a really important feature. This would be “friendlier” and less annoying to the neighbors than a siren to simply let the person know that they’ve been recognized and are on camera. I would want to schedule or turn on with the “rules” and (included with “plus”) respond to “human” in detection.

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I love the v3, however not much digital zoom in the software.
Is there any plans to be the first small outdoor camera with an optical zoom maybe screw in base to give users the option of 10 X to maybe 24 X optical Zoom?


That’s the best idea yet.

Although I brought my V3 as a security camera I have been pointing it at the night sky watching for meteors etc with some success,
I do find that the meteors are too faint to be picked up by the motion sensor.
If there was a version of the V3 optimized for night sky viewing I would certainly buy one.