Ideas for Wyze Cam Pan V2

I would love to see the Cam Pan in black. White against all of my black and dark brown furniture really sticks out like a sore thumb.

Here’s a skin for it and it’s available in black color.

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" * When you turn on the Pan Scan feature, your Motion Detection Zone setting will be changed to fullscreen (Detection Zone will be turned off). You can turn your Motion Detection Zone back on once you have turned off the Pan Scan feature."

I was excited when I first got the Cam Pan as it allowed setting of multiple scan areas. But then I found if I used this feature, I could not set-up detection zones for each of the scan areas. So if I used scan areas, I ended up getting alerts for cars driving by, people walking on the sidewalk, neighbors in their yards. So I had to install it in a fixed position which made it no better that a Wyze Cam. Its sitting on my garage bench now as it has been replaced with a Cam V3. PLEASE add the ability to set detection zones for each scan area on this cam!


Thank you!! I can’t wait for it to get here :slight_smile:

Has wyze considered making an outdoor pan scan camera or a solar panel for the outdoor cam so u don’t haft to get it down to charge when it’s high up

How about a smaller pancam for inside that it more discreet?

Also what about an outside pancam? See many third party products but coming straight from Wyze would become more reliable.

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