I'd like to send a wyze cam from the us to my grandson in Australia. What about power?

I know that Australia is probably 220v and the Wyze cams are 110v . Is there an adaptor that would allow the use of the camera in Australia.

The Wyze power adapter is rated from 100VAC to 240VAC @ 50 to 60Hz, so all your G-son would need is a conversion plug from US two-prong style to Australian… whatever that looks like.

FYI - The Wyze cam actually requires 5VDC, so really any USB power adapter he owns that can convert his native AC voltage to 5VDC (@ 1 amp) AND has the correct mating plug to the cam will work fine.

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Yeah, don’t worry about it. Don’t even send the included adapter, just the cable. Any decent USB power supply and microUSB cable he has should suffice.