I got my scale a couple days ago

I got my scale a couple days ago. The design is very elegant, love it! I’ve used it a couple times and weight works, and the biometrics are all showing up.

The issue is the mobile app. You are assuming that I should know what these numbers all mean and how they are in comparison with “fit” numbers for my age. Sure, I can go look them up, but why? Is that the intent of a good Ux design?

My suggestion is that you add into the app the mean numbers to compare to the measured numbers to help the user gauge on whether they are good, or not. Otherwise, the numbers are totally meaningless delivering a poor user experience.


Additionally, same applies to the biometrics.
You should be able to review the numbers in the same day week
month break outs as you can the weight & body fat within the

Your suggestion seems similar to this thread.

GMTA… OK, maybe not great, but still an obvious good idea.