I given up on Wise Cams

Exactly. the police in my area don’t want to mess with video footage if there isn’t a clear view of the perps face. In my case a hat, beard and sunglasses. the cop said that could be almost anybody and left.

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And don’t forget, perps hiding behind the elusive Covid Mask

I would try the v3s then. As long as you have an SD card in them, and toggle continuous recording on, you will have as much as it can record to the SD card. Only once it has filled up will it start overwriting. And, as another person has mentioned, I would either plug it in, or invest in some power banks.

I’m hearing you loud and clear and I agree on many levels.

PRIMARY is the complete lack of interest in supporting us HomeKit users.

I’m tired of false starts, half answers, exaggerated explanations, and I fear Lies, for years without a hint of hope that any product from WYZE will ever play nicely with the growing MILLIONS of Apple ecosystem faithful.

I understand what you’re saying! The real question now is, what camera is your neighbor using? If you find out, let the rest of us know!

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Same. I have three licenses on three cameras and all I get is 12 second videos. I’ve read every help article. I’ve tried everything. I’ve missed alot of things I wanted to go back and see. I don’t know why this is so difficult.

Did you go to account>services>cam plus on your app and see if in fact you have 3 licenses and that they are all assigned to the cameras. Screen shot of account page would help.
Like this:

It could be your settings, mine works pretty good. But if your going to switch, get what your neighbor has…and copy his setting.

Wyze to me is like comcast. When it works, it is great, when you have an issue…its like sticking two red hot butter knives in you eyes.
They have a lot of bugs and if one of those bugs is something important to you, your screwed. Fortunately, my issues are long behind me and every thing works to my liking.
I purchased the battery doorbell as I have issues with my ring doorbell. It has been sitting on my desk for a week or two now as I have not had the the 10 minutes it takes to screw it to the door.