I chose to maintain Person Detection and paid. It is no longer showing up on the app

I was in the beta testing for Person Detection. I am giving Wyze a minimal amount to maintain this service, I now notice that I no longer have Person Detection on any of my five cameras. They are all updated to They have all been restarted. I have gone into both the Wyze app on my iPhone and the Wyze.com to look at services that I am currently able to access. The only one listed is the Emergency Button. I am not sure if it should show up in my orders history, but if it is, IT does not. So now I have a payment that Wyze will take each month, that does not show in subscriptions so even if I wanted to stop this service I can not. Any ideas??? In case you are wondering I have been using Wyze cameras for over a year, so I am grandfathered in so to say.

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Wyze employees don’t usually answer questions here.

You should try to get help through tech support. Post your ticket number in this thread. @WyzeGwendolyn may be able to help with this once you have a ticket to track.

Thanks. I will give Tech support a try.

You could also perhaps try an older app version. I haven’t touched mine and the PD is still working…

Thanks for that suggestion, but I will let you know that I updated to the newest version (of the firmware for the cameras) yesterday when I noticed that the Person Detection had been removed. I thought that might do it. If you are talking about the app on my iPhone, as far as I know you cannot go backwards on the app unless you have jailbroken your phone.

Yes, sorry, I didn’t realize you were on iOS.