I changed wifi networks. How do I update my devices?

Do I have to delete and re add devices?

That’s the hard way. The simply method is to change your new router’s SSID and passphrase to match what it was before, then restart it.


If you can’t change your router’s SSID and passcode to match what it used to be (maybe it is a network someone else controls instead of you, or whatever else), then you don’t have to “Delete” the devices to add them to the new network, but you do have to go through the setup process all over again.

As long as you don’t delete the devices first, it should maintain most of the rest of the settings, including any rules/routines, etc that were associated with the device, so you don’t have to redo everything, you just have to go through the setup process to add the new network and name the device again (you can rename it the same name, but you don’t have to).

Just going through Setup again (without deleting the devices and all their other settings first) is the second-best way to do it with the least amount of work, but if you can do what @Sam_Bam suggested, what he suggests is the easiest way without having to go through set up on all your devices again.


Can I suggest you add this to the Wishlist? I was just playing around as I have upgraded to Fiber and needed a new SSID. So I kept my old router and the old SSID for the 2.4Ghz devices. However, some device Apps allow you to change it, which would be so helpful. Also, imaging if you could set the Network up for one device, and then ask the App to clone that network/pw to all subsequent devices you add!

Definitely worth asking!

It’s already on the wishlist. As of this writing, it’s currently ranked as the 27th most voted on feature request. I highly recommend voting for it here:

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electrical issues here have resulted in a new internet connection and the thermostat was deleted from my wyze app.

If my thermostat is already physically installed then how do I reset or reinstall it? The instructions include doing that right from scratch IE mounting it to the wall, and you have to choose the wiring setup before proceeding… I cannot seem to bypass that part and just reset the existing thermostat. And no I do not have a photo of the wiring setup on my phone it was 6 months ago. I have factory reset it and turned off the power a couple of times already.

Why can’t the wyze app recognize it? It’s not showing up on Bluetooth either.

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Welcome to the form! @bigspicer

A few weeks ago I changed my modems and routers out and i has the same issue . My thermostat went offline , and i kept the same SSID and password as the old network but they just did not want to come on.

So what I did was , I had to factory reset the device , you can do that manually on the device , and then you’ll have to set it up again .

If you don’t know your wiring , just take the display off the back panel and look at the wiring you have and you’ll choose those when setting it up.

Yea , it was a pain in the a** having to go through the set up all over again but it got my device back online so

Yes I had already reset it, then had to take the thermostat off and photograph the wiring again. This is a definite miss in the reconnecting. We have issues with power outages and my modem doesn’t like it which means the internet goes out periodically. This is resulting in now frequent needs to reconnect the thermostat to the internet. Which means digging that photograph out every friggin time to reinstall the thermostat.


You simply visit each device and re-join it to your network. You need not delete the devices from the app, just add them again.

Some of us have been here before with this situation. There’s a neat trick that will save you adding the devices again, if you can… Say again, if you can, rename the router’s SSID and password/passphrase to match what you were already using/using before. If you do this, the device will auto connect to the router’s WiFi signal.

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As long as the wifi ssid and password are the same, you should be able to reconnect it by pulling the thermostat off the wall and then carefully plugging it back in again. Or, as a safer alternative, go to your furnace and turn off the power to it for 30 seconds, then flip it on again to power cycle the wyze without having to unplug it.

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