I am capturing events on the SD card that are not appearing in the 12sec Cloud events section


I have a few Cam Pan camera’s that are working quite well with the exception of missing 12sec Cloud events along with the notifications. However when I check the SD card extended events I am able to see them. Not getting a notification or a 12sec cloud event pretty much guarantees missing events that are not expected.
I am seeing this behavior on more than one camera, but the common denominator seems to be low light (early morning, late evening) conditions. This shouldn’t make a difference as the camera is obviously triggering on movement as per the SD card capture, yet the cloud upload and notification isn’t working which suggests a firmware issue or server side glitch. All cameras have the latest firmware as of 2 days ago.
Any solution to this would be great, or at least knowing that Wyze has acknowledged the bug and is working on a fix would be nice.


Hi @Crasucks I’m sorry to hear about your issue and I am going to try and help you fix it. Do you mind doing me a favor and sending in log files from the app so it can help the Devs?

Instructions on how to send log files

Open Wyze app > open “account” > Then open “help and feedback” > then click the yellow icon all the way at the bottom and submit the report for me. Thanks.


Thank you for the quick feedback. I was only able to select one camera at a time, so I sent the email twice using 2 cameras that have show the problem. Note: the missing events seem to occur in the morning or evening. I did have the sensitivity set to around 70% for both cameras, however after reading in the forums I set the cameras to 100% as of this afternoon which will likely be the values in the log files I just sent. I can set them back to 70% for tomorrow if that helps, but you will have a couple missing notification for this morning in the 6:50am range for both cameras over the last few days.


My tickets for 2 cameras are 168261 and 168262, if that helps. :slight_smile:


If you could set the camera sensitivity back to 70% and then see if the problem still persist then from there you can go and send some more log files over so they can look through and see what’s happening. Thank you for the ticket numbers too :grin:

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I will change them back. Also… I am aware of the 5min cooldown for cloud events and notifications, the missing events were definitely not during a cooldown period.


Good to know, thank you.


Is there any chance the internet drops out during those times? I have my router on a timer to power cycle each night and all cloud events during that time are just lost to the black hole. Which says the camera doesn’t queue these nor check for delivery.

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My Internet connectivity is solid at those times. I also auto power cycle my modem/router but it’s at 3am for 1min.
That is a great theory though.


@mixonepa let me know to pop by here. Thank you for the logs, @Crasucks! We’re sorry to hear about this issue and I’ll bring this thread to the attention of the team.