How's your headphones microphone?

I’m having this same issue, Firmware v2.1.112

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Having the same issue with headphones with the latest firmware 2.1.126. I also tried recording directly on my iphone, but I can barely hear anything.

To be honest, for $50, the Wyze headphones already do a lot.
I only expected the microphone to work because they advertised it on the webpage.


I’ve suddenly had people complaining about my mic level - using either a Mac Mini or my iPhone with a variety of different apps - Skype for Business, Google Meet or Webex. I’ve also had issues with the headphones not playing anything from my iPhone even though my phone shows the audio as playing - the only thing that seems to fix it is to power off and on again a couple of times. Both issues seem to have started about a week ago - before that I’ve been really happy. current firmware version 2.1.133