How's your headphones microphone?

I also updated to beta firmware and people still complained of faint volume - but when I turn off Noise Cancelling (ie turn on ‘Transparent Mode’) - my voice is the same volume to participants as any other microphone.
Don’t know if that is expected behavior, but it works for me!

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OK, I just did a test; and I do apologize for posting here about Wyze Headphone microphone audio in general, when I do see the Community is Android… but I suspect that the original headphone firmware resulted in horribly weak/barely audible voice volume regardless of platform. I tried mine with IOS phone, as well as 2 different Windows 10 laptops, and had to chuck the cans and grab the trusty wired headphones.
I wanted to post again here as my last was based on guesswork, but after that I went and did a real-world test.
My first reply stated I thought after upgrading my headphones to newest BETA firmware (and for now at least that is only way to get the firmware with mic fix - you have to enroll/join in the beta-test group and have your Wyze app change to WyzeBeta as its name)- I believed turning off Noise Cancelling resulted in better voice audio coming thru to Teams meeting participants. This has since been debunked by myself in real-world test.
After switching to Beta, you will see the available Beta Firmware v 2.1.82 that you can install, that will indeed fix audio issues.
I created an ad-hoc Teams Meeting (use Meet Now button in Calendar view) and I was the only member. I started Recording, and recorded phrases prefaced by 'noise cancelling on, NC off, etc.
Summary: There is no discernible difference in volume of my own voice whether NC is on or off - but my voice is very clearly heard, as loud – or maybe louder-- than other wired mic’d headsets I have around the house.
I have a feeling people saying there is no difference are getting General Release firmware rather than going the Beta route.
Good luck - hopefully Wyze pushes the 2.1.82 to General Release soon (maybe they already did but I only see Beta path now.)
Attempting to upload video of that recording here…But alas I am too new a user I guess.

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I tested mine today with my coworker via Teams and connected the headphones to my laptop windows 10. He said he heard some static noise, but my sound was better than before I upgraded to the latest firmware. Still the mute function (tap twice on ear cup) doesn’t work on Teams meeting. I assume it won’t work on other meeting platform as well.

Howdy @FatSpiderman. I read your comment earlier about 2-tap Mute, and thought, 'Huh…?
I thought that because I thought the only two functions of tapping twice were either nothing, or Alexa voice assistant. Do you know a way to set the touch control to mute?
I have since been Certified here so will upload a pic of what I see in my Wyze app with 'phones connected…

Here is the audio from that Teams meeting.

Hello @chrispovie. You do not need to set it actually. The feature is documented in the manual guide that comes with the wyze box. It works only when the Wyze headphones connect to the phone. So during the phone call, you can just tap twice on right earcup to mute yourself. Please try it and let me know. It should work for you.

I believe it requires API connection to the meeting platform for it to work when the headphones connects to the laptop.

I can confirm that the microphone volume from version 2.1.111 is still very low. It’s unusable in a meeting. I tried to have a meeting a day ago with them and ended up playing the “can you hear me” game for 10 minutes and reconnecting with a different wired headset.

This is a required feature to work well for me, otherwise I need to send these back.

Offero- have you signed up for the Beta Wyze program? My firmware is 2.1.82 and microphone is perfect.

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On the beta program - the latest version i’m on is 2.1.112 for the headphones - and people are still telling me i’m coming through quiet. No matter what level of noise cancellation.

I have the new version, the issue still there. People are not able to hear me.

on version 2.1.112 and the Microphone volume is still muffled/low based on feedback from people on the other end. Is there still a possible solution here or is it just at the hardware level now?


Mic volume is ridiculously low across every device I’ve tried. Mac, android, windows. Help Wyze. Running latest firmware update now. Let’s see…

Nope same after 2.1.112. The mic is a real shame. I need the mic for calls and meetings. Without it, I’ll be returning.

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I’ve had good luck with the latest few updates. Mic is much louder and very usable by me for Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Colleagues say I sound great. I’m using mine from a Mac.

Which version of firmware do you have?

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I updated to 2.1.112 today, and am currently listening to a recorded Zoom call I just hosted. I’d say my volume is on par with the others in the meeting. And I’d say that my clarity/fidelity is less than the others in the meeting, but not anything I’d complain about.

I’d be happy to jump on zoom call sometime, if anyone wanted to compare. I have some Bose headphones I could switch between as well, for a comparison.

Yes, I am running the same version (2.1.112), but still, other people complaining they don’t hear loud enough. However, there is no issue listening to any audio. I am using zoom for the meetings and where other people complain.

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I have the same issue. Running Ubuntu 18.04 and the mic gain is just bad. I have firmware version 2.1.112. As others have said, these are useless for zoom meetings.

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Could one of you headphone users please help out at

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I’m having the same issue. Mic quality was good when I first got it but now nobody can hear me when I’m on a call. I’ve tried it with zoom, google voice, webex, etc. and it’s terrible… I would love to see more control over this in the app. Give us some settings we can tweak. Currently the headphones are pretty much unusable if you want them for conferencing which is a shame.

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