How treat smart color bulb as dumb bulb

Problem. If I dim the color bulb by 50% with the app, I can see no easy way to then turn the light off and have it turn on to 100% without the app or alexa. So if the light is wall switched off while at 50%, and turned off for the night, the next day when the light is switched on, it will be at 50%. I can see why that can be a good thing. But when your wife just wants to turn the light on as a dumb 100% light bulb, she can’t without the app or alexa. I can see no setting that works in the app to return the light to 100% bright white light on being switched off then on. If the light switch is off, a schedule won’t work right?

Something could be done in software but why not save yourself the trouble and just get a smart wall dimmer switch? They’re affordable and sold by dozens of manufacturers. Wyze has one on its own roadmap too.

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Agree. You should have an option in the power loss section to set a scene or set a lighting condition. Such as white light full brightness.