How to watch your Wyze Cam from your Android phone on a PC



Install AirDroid, and use the AirMirror feature to monitor your Wyze Cam from your PC.


I use BlueStacks which is an Android OS emulator. When u install any App form the Google Play Store in it, it put a shortcut link on the desktop. When you click it, it auto boots up the Android OS and auto launches the app. Works perfectly with Wyze app and several other DVR cam apps and other android apps including mobile games.


I also just use the BlueStacks Android emulator. Wyze really should have a desktop app, but this is a decent workaround.


You can try bignox (NOX) as well. You can try different versions of Android with that.


I actually tried Nox first but it flaked out with my video card or something and wasn’t intuitive on how to actually start it—no entry in Start Menu. Then I went to BlueStack.


Tried both Nox and Bluestacks on my pc and Mac. Neither worked. Both said the Wize Cam app was not compatible?? Looking for another solution. Not sure what I am doing different than those of you who have been successful.


I used Airdroid to watch it on my pc.


Michael E. Tibbs Jr.


Same here. I installed Bluestacks on my Mac and I see the Wyze Cam app as being not compatible and therefore I can’t install it! :frowning: