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When I first got my first camera, I stumbled up a series of videos of someone sitting on a sofa showing how to do things like setup. Now, I can’t find them! Do you know where they went? lol, I thought finding them would be easy, since they were helpful.



Thanks Rick, but what I saw was a series by @wisedave if I’m not mistaken. (**Edit: Daves videos were in the link you provided) They were very helpful, but now I can’t find them. I went back through my browser history and the link doesn’t seem to work. It would really be nice to be able to point some of the basic questions to the How To videos.


This is what I found in my browser history.


Ok, it looks like Dave’s videos are on youtube, but why would they drop the link on the support pages?


It’s a good question. I can’t find those videos on the support site anymore either. Since there are some folks who are much more visual than text oriented, I think they should be linked/retained on the support site. I’ll pass it along.


Another thought… It may be that most of those videos are out of date because they don’t match up with the new 2.0 app. That may be why they were removed.


That’s what I assumed , That they were gone because they were out of date .
Those kind of videos are very helpful, Time for Dave to make more New ones :grinning:
That’s part of having good customer support I think


He may be too busy running the company. But @WyzeGwendolyn could do it, and I’m sure xe’d enjoy it.


I would enjoy it, it’s true! But I know other people in the company are thinking of taking up the mantle. @Loki is correct that Dave’s videos were taken off the site because of how outdated they are with the new app. Thanks for bringing this up! We apologize for the inconvenience.


The setup procedure has not changed ,but that video was taken out also


That was actually the one I was looking for that prompted this.


Whenever I gifted a camera to someone, First thing I would do is Send them a link to the videos


Here’s the response I got from Wyze:

Thanks for raising this! We purposefully removed Dave’s videos from the support site since his videos show the old app and are generally outdated, but we’re still keeping up on Youtube. We’re hoping to re-shoot the videos sometime soon with new app and features.

Here are the links to the How To and Tips & Tricks YouTube play lists:

How To

Tips & Tricks