How to use with Fire Tv?



There is no Wyse app on Fire Tv. Why? I can use Wyse cam on my phone and my Echo Show. Why not Fire TV?


On my Fire TV Cube there is no app, but there is the Alexa skill. I can use the skill to open my video feeds with my voice…no app necessary.




If you can get Google Play store installed on Fire TV, you can get the wyse cam app. I was able to get the wyze cam app installed on my Fire Tablet (Fire HD 10) after getting Google Play installed.




The latest Fire TV (Fire OS is supposed to able to all Wyze Cams (v2 and above) work with the Fire TV. Problem is Amazon is trickling this update out “slower than molasses in January”. It was initially release early in August. There is no way to force the update. You have to wait until Amazon deems you worthy to get around to it. I’ve only been an Amazon customer since 1988, and I’m still not worthy enough. I’m getting fatigued that the Fire TV is way behind the Echo in features.