How To Take A Log


Oh no! Something weird is going on with your Wyze Cam! And we may not immediately have a fix ready for this… Sorry about that! You’re now our most valuable resource for fixing this for you. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to send us at least one of two types of logs:


App/Firmware Log

When in your Wyze app, first go to the “My Account” tab and press the “Help & Feedback” button. Then tap “Feedback” at the bottom of the page.

In the “Details” field, please enter a brief description of the issue you’re having. Please select the camera that is having a problem (which will also send a firmware log to the team). Make sure to leave the “Send log” option at the bottom of the form selected and then tap “Submit”.

This will generate an email to our developer team with your log file attached. You may be prompted to choose an email app for this. Tap “Send” to send the email to our developer team.


Camera/Firmware Log If the Wyze App Isn’t Working

First, please do not unplug your Wyze Cam after the issue happens because otherwise the log will be overwritten. Secondly, this kind of log requires a microSD card for collection.

To take the log, insert your microSD card into the slot at the bottom of your Wyze Cam after experiencing the problem. If you already have one in there, take it out and put it back in. Wait to hear two ding sounds and wait about 10 more seconds before removing the microSD card.

To send the log, use a PC or Mac to read the microSD card. Under the root directory there will be a log file that starts with “log_9451”. That’s the log file that you want through if you see more than one log file you should select the one that matches your Wyze Cam’s MAC ID (printed on a sticker at the bottom of your Wyze Cam or visible in the Device Info section of Camera Settings). You can attach this file to an email and send it to in an email.


Hopefully you’ll be one of the people that never needs to send us a log. But if you’re in the beta program you will be more likely to run into new bugs for us. We appreciate your help with finding and fixing them!




App audio hangs after log out in beta on android

What is being sent in the log file?
I do not type well WITH a keyboard. Using my phone’s screen I probably approach 10 or 20 CHARACTERS PER MINUTE.
Do I need to put in OS? firmware version? app version? camera version?



The OS, firmware, app, and camera model are all included. But we do need a brief description of what’s going wrong so we know what to look at. :slight_smile: