How to setup TinyCam with Wyze Cam - View in browser / TV



Are there any iOS solutions? Tinycam is only Android iirc.


Sorry, none that I’m aware of. I’m an Android user. @Loki is an iOS user. Maybe he knows.


I don’t know of any. I asked the TinyCam developer about whether they’re planning an iOS version. The answer I got back was essentially “not at this time”. I can think of several reasons he might not be interested… Doesn’t know and want to learn the iOS development environment. Doesn’t want to pay Apple’s 30% tax. Maybe others. I guess all we can do it hope enough people as him that he decides it’s worth it.


I’ve tried loading Virtualbox on my laptop, but it’s not happy with something. Without it, I can’t load TinyCam.



Good morning! This voice whispered to me in a dream:

“Don’t trust TinyCam.” because don’t trust anyone you don’t know with your Wyze credentials (because they are the key to your lock of privacy/security.) Having said that, we know you will, and we won’t prevent it, so judge TinyCam’s trustworthiness based on its online reputation (established on reddit forums, etc). Given the dearth of criticism TinyCam has received on the forums over >1 years, we would say TinyCam is trustworthy, but we can’t, because liability, deniability, etc. Thanks for buying WyzeCam!

(I’m gonna disarm the two-way audio function. On principle.)


…and I thought I had weird dreams. :stuck_out_tongue:




Time to wake up! You do realize google firefox and safari browsers listen to you while your on your computer and incorporated it into their search algorithm so they can serve up ads that you werent even searching for


Maybe for you, fresno. I’ve got DNT set to 1. :wink: