How to setup TinyCam with Wyze Cam - View in browser / TV

Are there any iOS solutions? Tinycam is only Android iirc.

Sorry, none that I’m aware of. I’m an Android user. @Loki is an iOS user. Maybe he knows.

I don’t know of any. I asked the TinyCam developer about whether they’re planning an iOS version. The answer I got back was essentially “not at this time”. I can think of several reasons he might not be interested… Doesn’t know and want to learn the iOS development environment. Doesn’t want to pay Apple’s 30% tax. Maybe others. I guess all we can do it hope enough people as him that he decides it’s worth it.


I’ve tried loading Virtualbox on my laptop, but it’s not happy with something. Without it, I can’t load TinyCam.


Good morning! This voice whispered to me in a dream:

“Don’t trust TinyCam.” because don’t trust anyone you don’t know with your Wyze credentials (because they are the key to your lock of privacy/security.) Having said that, we know you will, and we won’t prevent it, so judge TinyCam’s trustworthiness based on its online reputation (established on reddit forums, etc). Given the dearth of criticism TinyCam has received on the forums over >1 years, we would say TinyCam is trustworthy, but we can’t, because liability, deniability, etc. Thanks for buying WyzeCam!

(I’m gonna disarm the two-way audio function. On principle.)


…and I thought I had weird dreams. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Time to wake up! You do realize google firefox and safari browsers listen to you while your on your computer and incorporated it into their search algorithm so they can serve up ads that you werent even searching for

Maybe for you, fresno. I’ve got DNT set to 1. :wink:

Currently testing tinyCam Monitor Pro on the “next to cheapest” Android “TV Box” (note: not real Android TV OS), found on Amazon.

Specs: S905W chipset, 2gb RAM, H264HW decoding supported. I chose the particular model because it has an Ethernet port. Plenty of stability risks going on without adding WiFi issues to the mix.

Approximately $35. Why go so cheap? Well… It doesn’t make sense to get a $100 to $300 server for a $20 camera, does it? This is a proof-of-concept for ActionTiles Customers. We want to know what the lowest priced feasible solution is. I think the next meaningful step up is an S912 (?) box in the $90 range: But at that price, using an “old” phone, tablet, or hacking a Fire Stick might be a better option.

Starting simple:

  • Not rooting, but avoiding extra bloat too.
  • Using alpha vnc lite (because box is running “headless” - no TV monitor), which does not require root.
  • Both tinyCam and vnc are set to start upon boot.

Results so far?

  • Testing with 2 Wyze Cams
  • Tested for a while on WiFi and seemed rather stable.
  • The “Auto Start Web server” on boot option frequently toggles off. Why?
  • Even after boot and manually starting tinyCam, the Web server often does not remain toggled on.
  • Using “Power safe mode” seems to substantially increase stability, but frame rate is 0.3 Hz (one frame per 2 to 4 seconds; not 3 to 10 frames per second). That’s acceptable to me, I’d like at least 1 Hz.

Next Steps?

  • Rooting and removing the built-in Apps from the Box to ensure maximum resources are available.
  • Might try an alternative ROM. There seem to be some good ones.
  • I want to test this with some LAN RTSP camera(s) too. And try at least 3 concurrent Wyze.
    • Goal is to see if I can reliably serve 4 cameras, even if the frame rate is approx 1 frame per 5 seconds.

Ok, I realize this isn’t a Tinycam forum per se but maybe someone here can help. I was using tinycam on my phone to see the wyze cam in actiontiles. I wanted something that would stay fixed at home so it wouldn’t go off everytime I left the house. So I put Tinycam on one of my shields.

I set everything up the same and changed the IP address in tinycam and it will not connect to the new server on the shield. If I change everything back and turn on the webserver on the phone, it works in actiontiles. So it has to be something in the Tinycam settings on the shield.

I am using the guest access and set that up the same as the phone. The only thing I can see that is different is this,

On the phone, the last of the IP address was 113. I had the 8083 port forwarded and in the list it says that port is mapped to 124.

On the shield, the last of the IP address was 124 and if I map the 8083 port it is mapped to the same address. That is really the only difference at all that I can tell between the two settings.

Anyone have any ideas?

And by the way, I can see the camera in the Tinycam pro app on the Shield just fine. It is working as far as that goes, it is just the fact that actiontiles will not see it. And like I said, I don’t think it is an actiontiles issue because if I change the address in actiontiles to the webserver on the phone and turn the webserver on the phone on, actiontiles will see it. Literally the only thing that is changing when I do that is the last three numbers of the IP address to reflect the different server.

Nice write up tgauch . I was using on a stock fire stick. It ran but not great. A stripped down rom would be perfect. I am not looking to spend that much time on the stick. Now I am using an Nvidia Shield. Runs great! If I was not using a home media center I would run this strickly for Wyze and TinyCam. The Android version on Nvidia is so clean and fast.

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It sounds like you have every things correct. I am not familiar with action tiles but a quick look at seems really cool. Will need to check that out. Sorry I cant help

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this information can help you ,go to youtube and look for taylor tech and look for wyze and action tile

i just noticed that tinycam pro keeps the password of wyze in plain text!!!