How to setup TinyCam with Wyze Cam - View in browser / TV



Excellent doc.


This write up is great. It was helpful but didn’t work for me. Instead I used tinycam pro to scan the network. Then changed the settings to recognize the cameras. The write up was still useful in getting this accomplished. Thank you.


OK everyone need help to view my three cams on ActionTiles. Here is what I tried.

1.I purchased a Fire HD 8 gen 7 installed the Google Play store.

  1. Installed TinyCam Pro

  2. Followed the directions to add cameras

  3. Got as far as finishing then it crashed. Every time I try to use the app it crashes.

So I didn’t give up. I installed BlueStacks on my Mac and opened TinyCam (new Download) it crashed on opening.

I need another way to do this. Any ideas would be welcome.


TinyCam isn’t a WYZE product. You might find answers in TinyCam forums, HELP pages and tech support channels.


Tried that, no luck. I hope someone knows of another app to do this.


joel in tinycam did you tap the upper left menu and then settings and then ui & behaviour and then all the way down to ip and check it? then if you have a cam set up and running in tinycam copie it and then go in and change the brand to wyze and the model to yours the wyze app tells you the ip address you use then port 443 then username your registered with on wyze cam site and password you registered with. you may or not need to go into advanced settings and check the auto update ip address and then add 443 to the remote web port then you should be done. that is what i did a few times and i had to reset my phone yesterday and then go in and reset up my cameras. give that a try and see if it help you out. good luck bp.


Most of the time it crashed before I got that far. On the Blue Iris emulator it wouldn’t even open. On the Fire HD crashed when I went to manage cameras or anything on the left drop down. That is why I am looking for another app to handle the cameras for Action Tiles.


This is cray cray considering 99% of use use tinycam pro with a fire hd 8 7th gen or an hd10 that has been hacked to add google play to be used in action tiles.

Why don’t you reset your FIREHD back to factory reset and start all over.


amazon app store has tinycam pro. I am using it with my Fire HD 10 and Fire TV without any issue. Currently I am using Fire TV -> tinycam pro -> webcasting to my PC without any issue.


Do you think there is a difference between the Amazon veraion and the Google Play version that I bought?


I think so. At least the amazon version should be fully tested on their devices. And Fire OS is a fork of android and amazon must have customized the fork extensively for their devices.

I bought 3 fire TV when it was off 50% on prime day and use one for webcasting to my PC. Of course I hope Wyze will come up with a PC interface to view multiple cameras. If just viewing one camera at a time like the wyze app, I will keep using current setup of viewing 4 cameras at a time on my PC.



Thanks, I will download also. I to wish there was a version for our computers. I am an all Mac Household and the Fire HD is my first non Mac. I actually would like a Wyzecam Web interface so I could use my 27" screen and view all my cameras.


Okay I have set up my pro, but cannot figure out how to get it to open on my smart tv, I went to the web browser and typed in the IP address and it just brought to me search google with that ip address? Thanks!


Great tutorial, but I have one question. Tinycam doesn’t seem to record and upload video to my Amazon Cloud if they app is not running. Do I need to have the app running constantly?

Do I need to have the app running constantly?
That's been my experience.


PC/web interface is needed badly. Viewing recordings is a practice in …


You would need to activate the appropriate “auto start” option



Ok, so I dug out an old tablet and have Tinycam pro running on it and it’s uploading all videos to my Amazon Drive. This really negates the one big drawback I saw in this device which was the 15 second clip with a 5 minute cool own period before it will detect another motion event. With this extra step, it seems like an incredible value. I am noticing that faster movements seems to degrage the video quality quite a bit. Looking at the specs it’s 15 FPS for daylight recording and 10 FPS for night vision. I have Tinycam set to 15 FPS, but just walking through the camera’s recording area my face is not nearly as clear as I was hoping it would be. If I stand there still, the quality picks up and looks pretty good, but as soon as I start walking again it gets…blurry is the best way I can describe it. Is it possible I adjusted some setting in motion detection that I should not have? Or is what I am experiencing normal? Thanks again!


@josh-slade78 Are you sure this isn’t just that you aren’t as pretty as you think you are? :wink:


@zarthan ha ha ha, actually the blurriness makes me look better!