How to setup TinyCam with Wyze Cam - View in browser / TV



Also check your email address doesn’t have a trailing space. I ran into that when setting up mine, keyboard auto inserted space after I selected a suggested word, .com in this case.


get ip2 from amazon apps …(free) it will give you device ip (both have to be on same network) …then enter in set up on app 2 fire…hit select on tiny avatar… once installed…hit add nvr/cam… select cam make …enter your wyze cam info…go to advance settings and change channel number (if you have more then one. cam)…


what are the benefits of using tinycam rather than wyze app ?


Got a strange one… I added a third camera in tinycam (with proper camera number) but I am not able to pull it up from the web server. Is there a limit? From the pics posted it looks you can have more than 2 cams.

Edit: I installed a newer beta version and I was able to get to the 3rd camera.


In Tinycam you can view multiple cameras live view at once. Additionally, Tinycam has its own motion detection zone that is more configurable than in the Wyze app. It will also send you an email, along with a notification, when motion is detected. The email and/or notification will include a picture of the motion event.


The MAIN reason I use Tinycam Pro is webserver viewing feature of ALL cams available to you / your account = not just Wyze! Integrates ALL your IP cameras and let’s u view from ANY computer / browser!


And… you can view on your TV. I like that benefit.

And… you can save to a cloud drive like Dropbox.




Just a heads up, your email is visible in your instructions. The first one is blurred, but not the second.


Thanks for the heads up… Fix it. That would explain all the extra spam. JK. Thanks


Does anybody know how to use tinycam with Google Home, so I can say “Hey Google, show me the garage on the TV”? I’m thinking I’ll have to use IFTTT but I’m kind of a noob and not sure where to start.


what is the required upload speed for my internet connection for using tinycam from an external location? with 4 cams set on sd. it is very jerky and washed out and slow to react.


Thank you for the instructions, very nice !



I have 5 cameras in TinyCam without image/sound quality issues. Each one streams anywhere from 60 KB/s to 175KB/s.

I have 300Mbps but I would assume one would need at least .5 Mbps to 1 Mbps to stream 1 camera without quality issues.


I have both WYZE cams and amazon cam, wyze work great on tinycam pro, how can I view amazon cam on tinycam pro??





you might have noticed I said I have tinycam pro & it works great with wyze cams, but not amazon cam



Precisely. That’s why you should be looking for answers from TinyCam and related forums, since you already have WYZE issue pinned down.


I have my cameras set up in tinycam, but can’t seem to access the Wyze when off my local network. the wyze app works fine though. Any suggestions?


I have been using Tinycam with Wyze Cam for a while now. I am also taking the Tinycam feed and using it with ActionTiles to view on tablets. I am having an issue where the feeds being displayed on Actiontiles are freezing and not displaying the live feed. The only work around I have been able to use is to refresh the page.

Anyone else having this issue, and if so, have a better solution?


i just got this wize cam pan camera and i have to say it is the worst one i have used so far. it sets up easy enough but the image is terrible. thru it’s own app it freezes goes offline and as it pans the image is so grainy you just can’t make it out. it drops way more frames then the china cams i have.