How to setup TinyCam with Wyze Cam - View in browser / TV

I have successfully set up Bluestacks Emulator to view my two Wyzecams on my PC using Tinycam Pro. I now would like to use a spare android phone as a third security camera and also view it on my PC using Bluestacks and Tinycam Pro. Does anyone know how to set this up?

My problem is that if I want to set up the spare android phone as a security cam, while I can do so on my main cell phone via Tinycam Pro with Manage Cameras to add camera, which has the add Android camera option, the same option in Bluestacks is NOT present (I only can add IP cam or scan network–no add Android camera option is available as there is when I use my cell phone to set up the cam).

Can anyone help?

@richkut You should be able to set up your cameras on one device and the export the settings and then import those settings on your other devices. From the Manage Cameras page click the three dot menu in the upper right and then export. On devices like Android TV or Amazon Fire TV where you don’t have direct access to a keyboard it is a ton easier this way.

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I have 5 cameras all outdoors under (approx 11 in) overhangs. No issues with weather here in the northeast.

LOL and yes, I do SOPs.

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I can view Tinycam output of my two Wyzecams just fine on my Android phones and on my PC via Bluestacks emulator.

However, if I set up either of my two Android phones as a camera via Manage Cameras in Tinycam, I immediately see the live output of the android phone “camera” that I just created , but CANNOT see this output on the other android phone camera or on my PC via Tinycam.

Bluestacks notes that I must be running Android 5 or higher. While both phones have this, the emulator evidently is agnostic to this requirement, so the problem viewing on my PC evidently is due to the Bluestacks emulator.

As far as viewing android phone camera output, I only can see the output of the phone cam I am currently using while viewing cams in Tinycam, as even scanning the network does not come up with the other android phone cam. Exporting/importing does work, but it only gives me the cams on the phone I am viewing in Tinycam and not the other phone I want to use as the security cam.

Am I making myself clear?

So do you or anyone else know how I can set up my given systems to use an android phone as a security cam and view it using Tinycam either on my second android phone or my PC? I just can’t seem to get this to work!!

You might be better served by posing the question to the TinyCam folks.

IF this is an Android 5.x issue, forsake Bluestacks and instead install NOX. Then enter its multi-instance manager (mouse-over the icons to identify it). At the bottom of the window that appears, update to 5.x. After that instance is created, click the shortcut icon to place a shortcut on the desktop. You can then ignore NOX 4.x.

Or install MEmu, which also runs 5.x. Visit the TinyCam forum as well.


  1. Download and run IP Webcam on one Android phone. Set up the device with desired User Name and Password.

  2. Download and run Tinycam (Pro version is what I use) on another Android phone (or use Bluestacks or any other PC emulator on your computer). Set up Wyzecams in Tinycam per the instructions noted herein on the Forum.

  3. Scan Network in Tinycam. A device with the Camera Name IP_Webcam and Brand ONVIF should show up in Manage Cameras. It may be repeated on your screen, so choose the one with the unique IP address on your network. Fill in the User Name and Password for the IP_Webcam and confirm that this allows you to view it.

  4. You now should be able to view your Wyzecam(s) and any Android phone you have set up as a security cam in the above fashion as a multicam view, if desired. You now can view your security cameras on your Android Phone and/or PC.

I will fine tune this, when able, and post any additional relevant info if I find any tricks or other helpful settings.

I hope that others now will jump in and investigate/test, as well!

Same thing happened to me, but I just closed the app after making the changes and restarted it and it then worked fine.

I purchased the TinyCam app from the App_Utilities section of my Amazon Fire Stick+ and it works beautifully with the Wyze cameras. Amazon will try to tell you that you need to purchase a game controller, but it works just fine with the Amazon remote.

I think TinyCam is one of the best examples of how app control should work with a remote. All the menu items work easily and for the most part, intuitively. Lots of TV-specific apps could learn from this little gem.

I’ve set up tinycam with my Wyzecam and everything is working except I don’t see a mic button. I can hear audio but tinycam gives me no option for 2 way audio.

My other camera shows a mic icon I can click on to activate talking through the cam.

Getting error message "Wyzecam service failed with code 2004 (UserlsLocked) during initial setup of cameras and trying to Live View with Tinycam Pro app



I had to resolve it by going onto the WYZE app. Click that you forgot the PW and they will send you a 4 digit code to enter on the login page of the WYZE app.

Even easier!
If you just want to view your cameras on your TV or Amazon Fire device…

On your Android device that you have TinyCam app installed on.
1- Install from Play Store “Apps2Fire
2- Open “Apps2Fire” and Select TinyCam app then Install. If you are on the same network as your Fire TV device then the TinyCam will be installed to your Fire device.
3- Open the TinyCam app on your Fire TV, setup cameras, Enjoy!

You can even setup up your Fire TV to be the webserver. Set up cloud recording. Email alerts…

Hi - hoping someone could help me.


I have two cameras running perfectly on the wyzecam app, I downloaded tinycam pro and put it on my nvidia shield. I’ve followed instructions and can’t get passed adding my first camera, and get 2 errors.

I do the following

Add Cam

brand : wyze labs

camera model wyzecam

host (local ip or nothing - tried both)

web port 80 (also tried 443)

protocol: H264

login in credentials

when I attempt to connect I get “wyzecam service failed with error code 1001 (parameter)”

and P2P failed to connect by UID=null(-10)


I’ve typed the username and password like 100 times now as some people mentioned it was adding spaces, but to no avail.


Any help would be really appreciated.





Try to login with username and password in Wyze app

Then try Wyze website and login there as well

Lastly, try Tiny Cam Pro



Go to settings, advanced settings and make sure you have assigned channels to each cam. I use 1, 2 and 3.

I assign 1 and 2 for my cameras in the advanced settings. I was also logged in on the app and online store ( which also didn’t help.

Bit of a mystery, I’ve emailed the Tinycam guys to see if they can help.

Thanks guys



In find that setting up TinyCam only touching only the needed settings works the best. I have had issues when I went into other settings even though they should not have any impact. I don’t have issue when I set the following: Camera name, brand, model, username, password (typed not pasted), and channel number. If its not working, stay over. Delete all cameras and set each up one at a time touching only the settings above.

I did install the Apps2fire on the phone that has TinycamPro but when I hightlight Tinycam to install on the Fire Tv, I get a message thats says :


No FireTV IP address defined, Please go to setup and enter the IP address.



I am not sure what to do here… Both the phone and the fireTV are on the same Wifi. Any help will greatly be appreciated!

Update: I did go into to the settings of App2fire and scanned the network for the IP address.