How to setup TinyCam with Wyze Cam - View in browser / TV

So then tinycam has to be running on my mobile phone when I desire these notifications, correct? If so, how much data is being consumed and how much is my battery being worn down? Is this not putting a strain on my data usage and mobile phone battery if I leave my phone in that status all the time I am away from home and want to know if motion is detected?

If I read their FAQ accurately, TC cannot receive notifications from WYZEcam. But this is more a Tinycam issue…

This link will lead you to their support pages. Email to the developer is usually answered promptly.

Excellent. I was able to set it up as you instructed and it works. Took 15 minutes. Thanks

installed bluestacks today on my macmini. I was able to connect to my V2 Wyzecam using tinycam with no issues.


Does anyone know if it is possible to access the webserver that tinycam offers from outside of bluestacks? This would have to be some sort of internal vs external port forwarding, but can’t find any reference to it at the moment.



Does anyone know if it is possible to access the webserver that tinycam offers from outside of bluestacks? This would have to be some sort of internal vs external port forwarding, but can’t find any reference to it at the moment.
Click the "here it is" link in the first post in this thread. Also look at this thread.


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Great instructions! Thank you. ChromeCast to tv by way of Google chrome browser with web server. You can also do it from the app see the video link below.

Now how to figure out how to get access to web server when not on my home network.

Hi, I just tried the TinyCam free on the android phone this a.m.

I thought I would see if/how it works by “sideloading” it to my Fire TV stick R2, and it works fantastic! The app when viewing live on the phone, and the TinyCam free running on the FireTV are in sync with each other. The green detection boxes appear quickly. The app is able to be fully navigated with the Fire TV remote.


I had previously tried sideloading the WyzeCam app, and well it works but has issues: The display is slow and about 3 or more seconds behind, and the green detection boxes seem to be a struggle to draw. Additionally you have to get a mouse connected for navigation - either bluetooth or USB with a USB to go cable. Also, it has the portrait version of the app squashed down to the aspect ratio of the TV - but the full screen video fits perfectly.

Note that “sideloading” the app onto the Fire TV is a developer option that requires moderate development knowledge of the android ecosystem.


I haven’t tried it yet (I will when I get home tonight), but I have Aptoide on my FireTV and I see that there is the ability to download WYZE directly to the FIreTV from the Aptoide app. Once I try it I’ll post the results.

Anyone use tinycam to set up recording for wyze yet? I am interested in it recording to my computer but I not sure how…

Hey Brandon,

I ran into the same issue initially when I was setting up my cameras. After digging a bit, I realized my BT keyboard had ‘lagged’ when putting in the password and had repeated a few of the characters. I suspect you have a wrong username or password.

I ran into this issue as well - it ended up being a bad password (my BT keyboard had lagged and repeated a few characters

Check your username/password and ensure its correct. I ran into the same issue and found that my BT keyboard had lagged when putting in the password and repeated some of the characters.

I set this up for my V2s and everything worked great. However, recently, I have experienced skipping of 2-3 seconds on the live views, when before it was butter smooth. Nothing changed. I removed and added cameras trying to get it back but to no avail. This is within the home, same wifi as the cameras. On the Wyze app I am getting smooth video so not sure what happened. Anyone getting the same and any thoughts?


great instructions… Recently purchased 5 V2 cams… wanted to make them available on our TV’s around the house. Is there a way to run the TinyCam or another app on a RPi or PC to emulate the pass through ?



Found a way to get this running that I haven’t seen mentioned yet. I created an Android virtual machine on my computer, Wyze app kept crashing on the VM but Tinycam loaded great. Followed the instructions and now have my two cameras loaded and visible on my computer without having to keep a server running on my phone all day.

If anyone wants to try, just get Virtualbox, and the Android ISO. If there’s interest I could try to put together a short instruction sheet.

Hi, I found the MEmu emulator far superior in speed to the stock google emulator. The MEmu emulator was made known to me by the post from michael.hdmitech above.

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Nice Write Up Chris. You almost act like you do SOP’s as part of your living. :wink:


I do have a side-bar question for you. Do you have these Wyzecam cameras outside? Or are these cameras on the inside looking out through a windows?


Thanks for helping!




Looks like that, and that bluesocks or whatever it’s called require either payments or some other variation of ads/required installs of apps.

My VM I made earlier is just a blank Android 7.1 install, with Wyze app and tinycamfree installed.

While running it was using about 65Mb of ram, and the whole VM is less than 5Gb on my system.

Been running hours without issue, although one camera disconnected and I had to close and re-open that one and it reinitialized. I don’t think that was android however, think the signal just dropped for a moment.