How to set up your WyzeCam



I’ve purchased four cameras and only had one set up that stopped working, and have an open ticket on it. The other three I determined positions for but am still waiting to locate and purchase the longer mini hdmi cables. Since the one stopped working, I thought I’d check the others to make sure they weren’t having similar connection problems. My question is simple: Once you’ve set up a device and got it connecting through your app, then unplug it, is plugging it back in sufficient to get it to connect again or is there another important step I’m missing? I’ve plugged a different device in, the yellow light flashed, then went to the app to click into the device to try and connect–and get a “Connection failed (error code 90) - Please try to power cycle the camera” message. Please advise.




Super easy and fast setup! Works great!



Unfortunately this process never works when using the Wyze App v1.3.152 on iOS v11.4

It seems to stem from the App, not the cameras, since it is the exact same problem on 2 v2 Cams and 1 Pan Cam

  1. In the app, it will not allow me to get to any next steps if I am on WiFi at all (I tried 2 different 2.4GHz SSIDs, mine and my neighbors). For instance if I hit setup on the camera and hear the response, if I tap the button on the app it will just sit and spin for a few seconds and then leave me right back at the same spot.
  2. If I turn off WiFi, I can get through the setup process up until the flashing blue light, which never stops (I left it trying overnight). I can hand enter the 2.4GHz SSID and password, the QR code comes up and the camera successfully scans it, blink yellow/blue a few times, and then transitions into blinking blue, but never gets any further.
  3. I tried to see if I could trick it by getting to the QR code with WiFi turned off, then turning WiFi back on and getting onto the 2.4GHz channel, and finally using the camera to scan the QR code. However, this leaves it in exactly the same blinking blue state.
I don't have any Android equipment to test it, we only have Apple products. If these cannot work on iOS, I need to return the entire order (order # 185797)




I have apple devices and have all the same versions you have listed. I have 3 cameras currently, 2 V1 and 1 V2. The only issue I had from the beginning is the camera will not read a qr code through a screen protector. Tech support did not know of this. You will need to open a ticket with them through tech support. When I tried to call getting a member on the phone was pointless pretty much email only. I don’t know if this has improved or not. I hope you can overcome your hurdles as I am very impressed with the product regarding the price.



Problem finally solved, LikeWyze sent me a link to all of the ports required for Wyze, and drilling down into the port settings on my CenturyLink router it turned out that several were not enabled. Adding these specific ports enabled everything to work. ports-open-firewall-for- wyzecam-work-pan




@morris1638 - your link does not go to the correct page.

This is the correct link
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Thanks for the heads up, I had the same problem and your post helped me find and install an SD card.



Hello my name is Serge I am trying to hook up my camera but it keeps saying will not connect to network ?



I dont have your product, but i have noticed that your WYZE camera is exactly like the Spot camera created by in Sunnyvale CA.

I am perplexed, why does your WYZE camera look just like their camera? Also, there are many issues with not triggering or noting motion detection on the Spot camera, and also not continuing to record over videos in the microSD card, and it seems like you folks, at WYZE also have the same exact issues.

I am not here promoting ismartalarm. They have very bad service and even though they offer a replacement of the Spot camera or a refund, they have refused replacement or refund of my cameras and have been telling customers that they are working on solving the issues with the Spot cameras inability to adequately and CONSISTENTLY detect MOTION, and then trigger a 12 second video. I thought it might be one defective camera so I tried setting the MOTION SENSOR only, without Siren, which should trigger a video or intrusion, but it doesnt work on all three of my cameras! ismartalarm has been aware of this issue since at least six months and they have not fixed it, which tells me that the SPOT camera and maybe even WYZE cameras are not proprietary, meaning WYZE didnt create them, and neither did ismartalarm!!! and that they are made in CHina!! CHEAP CHINA! I say this because any software company which claims to sell security software and hardware would not wait six months to fix such a severe problem.

Also, I say it is probably a Chinse made product because I noticed that the supposed owners (I have no idea if what they are saying about themselves, or their product, is true) have Chinese names! Good grief!! Could this really be? I now know why they give us all the runaround and have been doing so for months: they never created the Spot camera, they are made in China and both ismartalarm and WYZE just buy them, slap their names of them, and claim they are theirs! Is that even legal to do? And why else is it that the SAME EXACT ISSUES that people are talking about in WYZE form the same as the issues in the Ismartalarm forums?



See my reply above. This is the same issue on the Spot camera, made by??? Sold by ismartalarm systems. These cameras, i think are all made in China and sold to anyone, and then people like WYZE and just buy them and sell them, claiming them as their products, calling them whatever they want! WOW!! I didnt think this was legal to do???



You can see my post above. I came to this forum looking for info on my Spot camera, sold by ismartalarm in Sunnyvale CA. I think the WYZE and spot camera are EXACTLY THE SAME. All the issues you folks have with your camera are the same with In fact, maybe they are the same company and they use different names??? OR, which is what i think is the truth, these are all made in China. The owners have Chinese names, at The Spot camera is exactly the same as the WYZE camera. Maybe im losing my marbles here but it seems that these companies just buy the same cameras, give them different names and then sell them!

Why do i say this, because I have all the same problems with my camera that you guys do. And the ismartalarm people have a warranty but have refused to refund or replace my 3 cameras!! All the problems you have and people are mentioning are the SAME EXACT problems!

I was told that ismartalarm is working hard to fix this issue but I worked for software companies and they dont take 6 months to fix these serious issues which make their cameras and products USELESS. I’m looking for people who might want to join a US Canada based Class Action Suit against these companies, and I have a feeling that they are shipping from the US but are really in China. Feel free to contact me at cjplourdeatgmaildotcom.



The form factor is the same because it’s a licensed hardware design from xiaomi. The mobile apps, camera firmware, backend storage, etc is what makes it unique.



Mine is now doing the waiting to connect dance. I cannot find the QR code and I cannot find the + button on the app.


Mine is now doing the waiting to connect dance. I cannot find the QR code and I cannot find the + button on the app.
Hello, Seilerbird...

You didn’t specify if you’re using iOS or Android app. On the Android version, I know both of those items presented themselves during the setup process.

Regardless, perhaps this short Wyze setup video would help you find the QR code and “+” buttons within the app.


that’s a valid suggestion! -ThatWyzeGuy
I second the motion for a slightly recessed MicroSD slot.


We only need to login in 2.4GHz wifi network to set up the camera. We can switch back to 5.0GHz wifi after setup


How exactly do we do this?



My router supports 2.4ghz and 5ghz so when I set up new cameras I Connect my phone to the 2.4ghz to go through the setup process then after the camera is ready I just connect to my 5ghz network. Simple.



But do the cameras support 5ghz?



No, the cameras themselves do NOT support 5Ghz.



I’m having an issue with my 3rd Wyzecam since the latest firmware update. At first I couldn’t get it to scan the QR code and came up with two “out of the box” work-arounds. I took a picture with another cell phone of the code. Then I uploaded it to my computer and the Wyzecam was able to read the code from my monitor.

I thought I was home free, but failed for 90 minutes to get it to connect to my network.

I also tried successfully to scan the code after I printed it. So it seems there are two alternative ways to scan the code if it won’t do it from your cell phone screen. 1) Take a picture of it, or do a screen capture if you’re and upload it to your computer. 2) If you need to take the code to another room to do the network connection, it will scan from a print out of the code.

Now I just need to get it to connect to my network.

Like others I put in a work ticket and I’m waiting.