How to see all cams live from one display monitor

FWIW … I use Bluestacks with Win10 to view my 4 cams (V2 & V3) on my computer. Works fine :+1:


Reo cameras much better. I got rid of a lot of my Wyze cameras because of the erratic operation

As others have mentioned, Bluestacks on a Windows 10 device will let you view your cameras thought the Wyze app. I have 7 different cameras and I am able to view all of them at the same time. Bluestacks on the PC lets you open multiple instances of the Wyze app, one for each camera. You can adjust the screen size of each one and arrange them on a single screen to view in real-time.

Wyze has ignored this request from day one. Everyone who uses a lot of cameras wants a PC user interface but designing toys seems to be more important than developing something important and valuable.

Im right behind ya and catching up. I believe they said,somewhere that landscape mode will display, Id try it but Im too bogged down with other things now and dont need to take on another “simple” task that ties me up for another week.

How’d you do this?

A Firestick is a customized Android box. I haven’t tried a real Firestick but i have installed both the Wyze app and tinycam on one with an HDMI port. You can view the live camera feed on the TV.

And landscape mode works very well :grin:

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TinyCam is in the official Amazon app store and works just fine with Wyzecams on a (real) Fire stick.

THX and i just found a yt posted recently for macs and windows

heres one for windows and mac.Ill try it tomorrow.
View Wyze Cam’s On A Windows PC or Mac! (…FFW TO 3:10)
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Todays video shows you how to view your Wyze Cams, Including the Wyze Cam Outdoor, V2, V3 and Pan Camera on a Windows Desktop or Laptop, as well as an Apple M1 Mac. This video gives you all the information you need to view your Wyze Cameras on a computer.

keep us notified of the reo’s progress, just incase.

There are many threads here that discuss Bluestacks.



What I do is set my t.v. to the apps like Amazon. Hulu and whatever. I press the button on the Firestick and tell Alexa to show me the ‘Front Door Cam’ or whatever cam and it shows up on the t.v. screen.

dunno. I would like to see a small cam screen in any corner of the tv screen though. I had that on my wired security system