How to remove microphone?

Hi. I do not want an active microphone in any of my cameras. Easy way to physically remove it?

I do not trust a toggle switch to prevent others listening into my home!


Look at some teardown videos and some pictures. I believe the microphone is connected to the circuit board by a plastic plug which should be easy to undo.

Thanks so much! I decided today was the day I would try to paint the case matte black.

I did a bang out job cutting 2 nearly perfect circles and did the back pretty well, too. But, yeah, my painting technique looks like a 4 year old did it on a bad day.

I don’t understand why the manufacturer has such a problem with matte black and omitting microphones…hmmmm.

I’m so happy I was able to be of assistance. At least the microphone has a plug and isn’t soldered instead so it would be easy to have sound again.

Here is someone who physically removed the microphone from the camera:

Here is a wishlist item to VOTE for control over the audio in the live stream:

Here is a wishlist item to VOTE for control over user permissions (you wouldn’t want to turn off the live stream’s audio, only to have the person you are sharing the stream with turn it back on!)


Dont share it with here. Sign in under your original account name on her device. I had this same issue but now we both have the exact same controls.

Has there been any progress or company information on the hardware switch or removal of the microphone in the Wyze Cam v2? On live stream the camera located outside on my patio can pickup conversations in the house??!!

Hi, @GC2019. Welcome to the community! Not at this time. This topic will have to go from "maybe later to “researching” before we see any progress towards this request. See #wishlist thread below:

Edit: You can vote for this at the top left of the thread.


Hello StopICU33 and thanks for the reply. Seeing the delay in adding the feature from the threads I physically removed the microphone. I want to use and experiment with the v2 camera’s usage without the privacy issue and the price made the choice possible. Can not implement a security system until the possible upgrade. I do not consider a software update acceptable and cannot find a physical on/off jumper or switch wishlist…
Thanks again!

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