How to record to microsd card on new outdoor camera

How do you record directly to the microsd card on the new outdoor camera? The online instructions say go to settings, then advanced, then local storage, and lastly click on Local recording to microsd card. The current ios app does not have the path for “local storage”. thanks

You can’t record events to a micro SD card.

Wait, sorry? I’ve been in a lot of these threads including that one and I still missed that detail. Even 12-60 second motion event clips are NOT copied to local SD card? The WCO continues to surprise me.

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That can’t be right.
We’ve been told that the SD card is the base station is used to backup the cards in the cameras. We don’t need a base station backup of nothing do we?

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Seriously, apparently right now the WCO uses SD only for time lapse and scheduled recordings. Sounds stupid to me too.

Sounds like this is one thing they ARE considering changing (fixing) though.

I’d like the SD card to at least do motion recordings!

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The video is copied to the cloud storage but NOT to the base station? The response above states the camera would have to be woke up, which is not accurate. The base station handles multiple cameras. It can be accessed separately from each outdoor cam. This seems to be a major oversight and rather disappointing. The flaws keep mounting up unfortunately as I purchased two and am excited to support Wyze.

  1. The Base Station can not connect to WiFI and instead must be wired to the router. That significantly reduces the range of where I can place cameras. Only option is to run wiring to move base station further away from router if I want a camera anywhere outside…uhg
  2. SD card in base station does not capture video that was captured.
  3. So that effectively gives me 14 days of the my captured video before it disappears forever, or buy video storage.
  4. So what is point of base station? What is point of putting an SD card in base station? Do more people buy a outdoor camera to do time lapse or for security purposes?

I REALLY hope this is all wrong.


Correct, except that is also NOT copied to the SD card in the camera either. Events are stored nowhere but the Wyze servers (“cloud”). Also you can extend your base stations with a wired to wireless bridge or AP/router. And yes the camera has to wake to do anything except detect motion (and low power heartbeat of some kind to base station).

Edit: Apparently this is wrong. I give up understanding the restrictions / features of the WCO. Good luck.

If people would read the FAQ, there is a lot of good information… The SD card in the base station is specifically (and only) for backing up cloud events

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Sorry I misunderstood, was misinformed, or both.

Where can I find these specific FAQ’s ?

Outdoor Cam FAQ✓&query=Outdoor+cam+FAQ


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Thank you so much!. I have it saved to my desktop, and am sure it will come in handy now & later.

Thanks Again,

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Can we access the recordings on the SD card remotely, as in from the app when we are away from home?

When you are viewing the camera, in portrait mode, you’ll see a big green button with “View playback” on it. You’ll be able to select the date and time of video you want to watch. Recorded video shows in green on the timeline eventually. It sometimes takes a minute to show up.

Well actually it is nothing like the v2/pan

yes, after connecting to the camera, press more, then album. the clips are download to view them

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Oops, I didn’t see the entire title on my phone. Missed Outdoor Cam.

Wrong. You cannot view alert notification clips.

Hi, I’ve reached out to support but no response. I have inserted a MicroSD (tried two) in the base station and it says It’s not available. Although it shows the storage status bar. Any thoughts? The format button doesn’t work either. I’m running the latest version of firmware.