How to Power source Wyze Cameras outside the house (newbee alert)

Wow I read many of the post on this topic and I feel like I didn’t think about a solutions enough like so many people. I just got two of the thickest looking USB cables, one 33 foot USB extension ($9.99) and one 26 feet USB cable ($9) with the correct fitting for the camera for a total of 59 foot long power cable on Amazon. Then I purchased a 60 watt, 6 port fast charging USB charger for cellphones for $9.99 on sale at Amazon.

Located that power supply in the middle of the back of the house and I could reach the two ends of our small house without issue under the roof eaves and was done powering 4 Wyzecams after heat tubing all the connection points. I recently upgraded my design with the release of the new Wyze Smart Plugs and now I can hard-power cycle all the cameras from the app.

No camera issues, no warm cables, no poor Wifi reception issues.

Shoots, I just took the lazy way to install the cameras as I installed a total of 11 Wyzecam, 2 Pan and 9 v2 all around the exterior of the house the same way with just two 60W cell chargers, the people’s posted solutions were - like Wow, cutting edge thinking!


Hi there, I just bought the ANVISION 2-Pack Active 5V 2.4A PoE Splitter Adapter.
My question is , do I need to get a 4 Port POE switch to power up the Anvision poe splitter and camera?

I am also planning the install the camera outside the backyard and front door, I think this setup will be perfectly.

Generally you’d have a PoE switch for things like this. If you search Amazon for PoE switch, you’ll find plenty to choose from.

I have a 70 foot run outdoors. I am using a 50 foot connected to a 20 foot 16 gauge extension cords to power one of my cameras…works great, no issues.

That is exactly what I did , used a corner flood light socket with a ac plug adapter with Wyze Cam mounted in corner eve of house, misty weather has not been a problem it is out of direct rain but is in the outside elements, Put a small strip i masking tape on switch with “DON’T TOUCH” written on it…Works Great !

I had to order this switch protector. LOOKS GREAT & WORKS. The tape was an eye sore.


I did POE as well, works like a charm. Simple POE injectors in my basement, Ethernet cable runs out and is tucked under siding, comes out at porch and for to a POE micro USB splitter. Maybe another POE stuff cost more than camera lol, but still probably only around $50 invested in that whole solution. Still amazing value.

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Thanks a lot!
Can you send links to the 33ft & 26ft USB cables and the USB charger ?

You may be interested in these as well.

2 Pack 26FT Power Extension Cable for WyzeCam,WyzeCam Pan

AmazonBasics 60W 6-Port Multi USB Wall Charger, White


There are so many simple USB extension choices once you have upgraded the power supply. Here are a few items I have found to have the thickest gauge wiring to mitigate voltage drop and reduce the future complexity to debug if something were to happen. In addition, used shrink tubing to water seal the USB cable joints as needed.
The power supply I have plugged into the Wyze Smart Plug for remote power cycling as needed, which lately has come in super handy.

If you need to run longer USB runs, you might want to consider reimagining where you are getting your 120v power outlet from at your home.

For myself I added this two of these boxes to the wall, one for the front and another for the back of the house. Its keep everything concealed, and I wrote notes for my family on how everything was wired, so if something were to happen to me, it will be very simple for anyone to fix without me or without technical knowledge. The notes are laminated to the inside of the door shell.


Do you know what gauge wiring the cables you listed are?
I might have missed it but I did not see any gauges listed in any of them.
And have you used them all?
I’ve spent hours looking on Amazon, and asked many questions about what gauge the power wires are of different vendors.
I’d get answers like “thick enough”, “works for me”, “26 feet”.
I finally stumbled across one 26 footer that lists the gauge

Lists it as 21AWG.
So I bought two.
Found I could run 3 cams without IR on, 2 with IR on using an upgraded PSU.

Number of cams off 1 wire is important to me because I’d like to run 2 or 3 on a corner using 1 cord.

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I have been using these two 26’ USB power cables for over 8 months on my outdoor V2 cams and I haven’t experienced any problems with them at all. I’m very happy with these cables and would recommend them to anyone.

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Yes, I used every component I have listed to support the 11 Wyzecams I have. Sorry, not all of these cables list the gauge, to counter the impact, I use a star topology for the power distribution to further simplify any potential future issues.

I will be installing another 5 cameras. All of the cameras with 64 gig micro SD are for exterior use with redundant coverage for key areas of the home’s perimeter. We have four cars and we can afford to have video coverage on each of the cars from various angles as well as key targeted entry points of the home. Having many of these $20 cameras activating the 12 second video clips using different triggers, has proven a successful counter approach to purchasing the month cloud fee, plus if one or two cameras get damage, there are other recordings to review.

I pay a lot of car and homeowner’s insurance money - the cost of this Wyze solution is not even close to annual escalating insurance fees.


Hello managerman.
I used a bench grinder to trim down oversized micro USB plugs. You may want to check my submittal
‘Making a micro USB fit into the back of a WYZE V2 or Pan camera’ In the pictures, I hold the over size plug next to the WYZE plug against a piece of scrap wood for easy size comparison as grinding proceeds.
Victor Maletic.

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Yes POE injector or better, use a POE switch.

A POE switch is likely overkill if you are not using it for networking and only sending power over the wire. Perhaps if you have multiple cams to power this way a budget POE switch may make sense, but a POE injector can be purchased for less than $20 in comparison most POE switches are significantly more.

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That’s great. Now, if I only had a light socket on the front of my house and wasn’t so afraid of heights that I could reach the flood light socket way up on the back corner of my house(middle of second story. WHO does this?) I’d be all set.

Place in Nederland sell usb wire plug.
Nest cam you cut the wire to drill a small hole and solder it back

A while back i used a fully charged 30.000 mah USB powerbank and it lasted a weekend, like 50-60 hours, for 1 wyzecam, not seeing much action.

I measured the V2 when i got it but I don´t remember the current draw. Will do again when I´m at my country house.


Hi @kroq83, this is neat end connecter and would be great for wiring runs longer that 60 ft to power the cameras while keeping it simpler that using ethernet dongle converters. My guess is this will allow heavy gage cables using audiophile ultra-heavy multi-wire speaker connections techniques to mitigate against voltage drops while powering multiple cameras at the endpoint.

How do you convert the raw cable medium, of your choice, to micro usb which plugs into the Wyzecams?