How To Join Our Beta Program



Do beta testers get a unit to test?

I was a beta tester on:

  • Google Glass (Project Wingman)
  • Google Project Tango (maintain/own the public knowledge wiki)
  • Google Project Redwood
  • Thync (brain transducer)
  • Tesla Autopilot v01
  • Littlebits (educator)
  • 3dRobotics (educator)
I found some critical bugs in all of the above. One was a mission critical (fatal) bug.



Software beta testers (which is the subject of this thread) do not get any hardware to test.

There are occasional requests for hardware beta testers who are chosen by lottery from those who apply. The previous hardware beta for the V2 Wyzecam is over. There is a current request for hardware alpha test applicants for an undisclosed “new product” here:


@RickO, a safe bet on the “new product”:outdoor cams?!


I filled out the form hoping to be a Beta Tester.




First, thanks for allowing me to be part of the beta test. I’ve successfully loaded the beta version onto my galaxy s8+ (android 8.0), and uploaded the firmware on two of four cameras.

Happy to report the notifications are working just fine now. I’ve tried motion and sound triggers and those are fine. I’ll try smoke alarm soon.

I like the new settings: motion area, sensitivities, etc. The are others I’d like to see. Here are a couple of them…

It’d be nice if we could adjust the length of the recorded notification - 12 seconds seems a little short. Perhaps you could allow a selection of 10-60 seconds in 10 seconds intervals.

I’d like to get an alert if a camera device becomes disconnected for more than x seconds (power loss, network loss, etc.)

I’m waiting for little power banks for each camera but it would be nice if you provided an integrated battery.

Thanks again,




About the battery… there is certainly no way that a battery could be integrated without greatly increasing the form factor, so I don’t think that’s going to happen.

About alert videos… the 12 second limit is a compromise between storage volume and clip length in order to keep the cloud storage free. However, if you put a mSD card in the camera, you can set it to record motion and it will keep recording the motion until it stops with no time limit, up to what will fit on the card.


Maybe not an “integrated” battery, but an optional one that’s designed to snap on the back and doesn’t change the device aesthetics. Of course people would have to understand the battery only helps local recording, unless their wifi is also on battery backup.

Getting the mSD cards today so I’ll be able to test that feature.

Another option… charge $1, $2, $5/mo for extra cloud storage allowing longer clips. Or, ability to send the clips to the user’s other cloud storage.



So installed the mSD cards and can see the recorded video… mostly. There are a few green spots on the timeline (>1 min) that show “no video at the selected time.” Haven’t figured out how to replicate that issue.


It would be nice if during playback we could stop, pause, and change the playback speed. Also would be very nice to save the video onto the phone via the app.



Hi - I’ve noticed on my iPhone 6s that the app will start often start streaming video…barely. It streams 1 frame every 2 secs. until I close the app down all the way and reopen it again. It never corrects. I can watch the clock and it updates every 2 seconds. Haven’t noticed this event on any other devices but on my phone I see it quite a bit.

Also, the screen for choosing your camera when starting the app is a little confusing - showing a still image from the camera. It appears to be the actual feed until you finally realize it’s a link to the stream and not the actual stream.



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For now, the thumbnails that you tap to choose the camera are static images from the last time the camera was live. There have been requests for multi camera live view, but for now, you are stuck with the static images.

The once every two second update issue has been reported and the engineering team is working on it. It may be related to the strength of the local network. For me, it eventually went away on its own.

It would help if when you have a chance, you will report the issue from within the Wyze app so that the developers will get a copy of your app log. To do this, tap My Account, then Help & Feedback and then the green Feedback link at the bottom of the page.


To whom it may concern,

I had the problem with 4 camera, the two had solid yellow light and the other two had solid blue light, could you please help me how set up, I turn on the power so long but the yellow light was not flash for set up like it have to be.