How To Join Our Beta Program



Hey, folks! This post is now outdated. I recommend you look over here instead. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your interest in our beta program! We greatly appreciate you joining our efforts to improve our product. As one of our beta testers, you will see new features and bug fixes before they become public! Though please keep in mind that your experience will be different than people using the public versions of the app and firmware. We try to get all the bugs out of our updates before we roll out a beta version but we’re not perfect. That’s where you come in! The information that comes from our beta testers is integral to our improvement. :slight_smile:

How to Join:

Follow this link and fill out the form! We’ll send your invitation as soon as we can. :slight_smile:

Giving Feedback:

Right now the best places to give us beta feedback are either in this forum or on Facebook in the “WyzeCam Core Users” closed group. Please feel welcome to request joining that group!

Again, we greatly appreciate your help with this. We look forward to hearing from you in the future!




Does running the iOS beta preclude also running the latest public release?

What is the best way to get the private info to you?


You CAN have both the iOS beta and the public app on your devices but we don’t really recommend running both (you may run into things like duplicate alert videos).

At this point, the best way to get the private info to us is to reach out to me on our social media accounts (now linked in the original post). I would recommend using either Facebook or Twitter for this because they’re easier for me to check on than the other methods. :slight_smile:


Good to know re running beta and public app, just in case the beta were to become unusable. Would not want to be stuck with no access to cameras.

Info send via FB.


Does the Beta program include beta firmware for our cameras? If so, what happens if the firmware “bricks” the camera…does Wyze replace it?



If the Beta version is not desired is there a way to roll back to the released version? From earlier answers, it appears you can have both, but what is the rollback process.


At this point we don’t really have a way to rollback the firmware upgrades but you can rollback the app. To do so, just delete your version of the app and then download the public one from the app store. If you’re using an Android device you will need to tell the Google Play Store that you’re leaving the beta program before you can download the released one.


Yes, the beta program includes beta firmware. If your WyzeCam ends up bricking from the beta stuff (and we sincerely hope it never comes to that!) we would replace it. :slight_smile:


Definitely makes sense! I caught your information and sent it on. :slight_smile:



I’m on android and I am trying to sign up for the beta but when I click on the link in your first post it says I have to set up a web browsing app. I have both Chrome and Samsung web browsers and neither work. What should I do?


Information sent…
Will it be “Wyze” (lol!!) To message with other Apple devices (E.G.: iPad, iPod touch, Macs)owned for possible future app/software beta testing ?


Is this same program also going to allow beta testing of future products? Or reviews of future products?


Hi ajbert33,

I had the same problem, so I just went to the play store directly and entered “Wyze” - you need to click on the app like you were going to install it, but instead, scroll to the bottom and click on the “join” link to become a beta tester… Hope that helps ??


How do you private message in the forum. Typically you have a send PM link in the message or by checking a user profile but I can’t find the opti9n anywhere in the forum.


@WyzeUser ,
I believe they will send the message via facebook messenger. Unless this feature (Private Messages)is implemented within the forum before the results are revealed…


I bought multiple cameras expecting beta software to try.


I have an old S5 that im going to run the program on to see how it works… I have not heard back on the IOS information I transmitted several days ago. Was it received in time?


Facebook messenger would be my favorite option! There isn’t a private messaging function here yet. :slight_smile:


I wasn’t sure what the Facebook Messenger account was so I used WyzeCam and sent the details.



I would like to to join the IOS beta group. please contact me fro my info.