How to increase the record time of events

Is there any way to increase the amount of recording time allotted for events?


If you are referring to the 12 second alert notifications, not at this time. If you have an SD card installed, you can record locally to the camera. Search the “Support” page link at the top right. There is also a #roadmap section with this topic you can VOTE for extended length alert notifications.

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The 12 second recording is called a notification and it is simply that. It’s not a record of the event. If you want a record of the event, you’ll need an SD card in the camera. I do wish Wyze was a little more upfront about this, because it’s pretty obvious too many people misunderstand it. Even web review people. 12 seconds is fine for telling me, ‘Hey, something is going on. Do you want to look further into it?’


Another #roadmap topic you may want to vote for is to link the Event Videos to the SD card playback:

Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top left for your vote to count.


I agree strongly. But if you can’t go longer what about recording 12 sec continuously untill there is no longer any movement?


Yeah really need longer clips


I need longer clips as well.

The standard answer to this is to install an SD card. Then use the time of your 12-second alert to find the incident in Playback mode, and capture or watch as much video as you desire.

The clips are 12 seconds every 5 minutes to keep the cloud free. Not having a monthly charge is very desirable to many $25 cam owners. :+1:


SD card is not a solution, because as explained by many users it’s simply can be stolen. Best practical solution is to make clips double longer, but to keep twice less clips on the cloud, in order to avoid monthly charges.

The “Longer Event Video Lengths” item in response 2 is “in development”, I don’t know what more this forum can do.

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I really wish I would have seen this before I purchased all my cameras. The 12 sec video doesn’t provide much. Security is pretty much the only reason to have cameras. I’d pay a subscription to record longer but, if that isn’t in the works I think these are headed to ebay.

Definitely need longer event notifications. I use camera to monitor inside the garage. When someone opens garage door 12 sec only record the door opening and not who entered. I may suggest to give user account free space in cloud (which you already doing by saving 12 sec clips) and let user manage the length of clips. I would agree if with that setup you will remove 14 days in cloud as your advertised because it is useless.