How to get plugs back online

I had two of them up and tested out ok, could hear the switching, on and off.

Moved both plugs now neither will connect; showing offline on Pixel phone with Android 10.

Any ideas?

How far did you move them? The new outlets have power right? If you move them back to the original outlets, do they work again?

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Have you tried checking your Wi-Fi strength and quality with an analyzer at the new locations?

I moved them maybe 40 feet from where I first configured them,
across the house.

Yes, confirmed new location has power. New spot is right next to Netgear Orbi (mesh?) satellite router.

My home wifi signal seems excellent, averaging around 120Mbps
per speed test .

Good idea. Is there an app that I can use with Android 10 for that?

I have used Netgear’s WiFi Analytics with success.

I had a similar issue, I had to reset one of the plugs up several times. Leave it for a few hours, then reconnect.

There are probably dozens of apps for WiFi strength in the Google Play store.