How to get Individual camera notifications ( workaround)

I did that after the 3S, I can’t stand how locked down it is

yup, I gave it a shot, but when I spend that much money on a device…I want control over it…sadly it’s more still their phone than it is your phone nowadays. hopefully someone find something that will work, but its not looking good thus far

I hear you loud and clear. I dumped apple long ago never liked the lack of control of their devices. No SD card slot was a bummer. I really hated to go through iTunes. It always messed up my music and audio files. Apple is way overpriced in my book. :crazy_face:

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Well I can’t say much about Apple because I have never owned any , but then again I never had any inclination to buy any either


No unfortunately, I have not found an iOS equivalent.

This seemed like an awesome idea, until i noticed it was for Galaxy 6. Mine is only a 4. :frowning:

I use iOS exclusively on my personal phone and tablet. I have a work provided phone and tablet that uses Android. It’s been this way on and off for years. Being an IT person I reached the decision after a lot of thought that I no longer was going to have anything provided by Google touch my personal life or data.

There are things I truly like about Android, and several that I truly do not like. iOS has always been fine for me and there really isn’t anything that I need it to do that it can’t. Even this particular use that we are talking about here is nothing I can’t go without until Wyze adds the necessary features.

While Apple is not perfect or without fault or blemish I just could not wrap my head around the number of times Google outright lied about your ability to opt out of things. They would get caught, admit it, say they were going to do better, and get caught again.

The other thing was the instability of Android vs. iOS. Because of the way Android is subject to a carriers whim devices I paid a lot of money for were getting only 1 or 2 updates then they were scrapped by the carriers. I understand that is slowly changing. But in order to get rid of the bloatware carriers added I typically had to perform the equivalent of jail breaking by rooting my Android. Or I could buy a very limited selection of Nexus branded devices.

I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S10 running on Verizon. I have not added a single program or app to it. I use it pretty much for phone calls and texts. I install every available update including the Verizon bloatware I don’t use. It runs fine and seems to be pretty stable. Yet with that said the amount of network traffic from that phone is easily 6 to 10 times the amount from my iPhone even with all my IOT apps installed.

I wish there was a true viable 3rd or 4th choice. But until there is I will stick with Apple.

Yep everyone has to make a choice on what the see as important to them, for me I went away from Apple basically because I like to mess with my devices, but I also know to be careful and I still end up resetting every so often because I foul something up. I don’t trust Google they have been caught a lot doing things they say they don’t. Apple recently got caught with the whole Siri issue. So I just look at it as I don’t trust any of them but the only true way to make sure n o one gets my info is to never use anything that accesses the internet in any way. I can’t do that so I just be as careful as I can. I truly believe that Apple is better about privacy than Google (by far) but I don’t trust them either. I have tried both ecosystems and for what I do Android works.

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True enough. Whatever works for each person. It’s why I have 3 networks at home. You have to go with what you know.

I currently only run one network at home, but I am looking to branch all my IOT devices into its own network since they are starting to accumulate

I have my main network for non IOT stuff, then the IOT network, then last is a guest network. That gives me enough separation so far. I have a 4th I spin up as needed when I am testing something.

I do need to use a test one, I would stop upsetting the wife when I crash the whole thing lol

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Will there any more discussion of the individual camera notifcation?

In general from Wyze ?Or on this particular thread? :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what this hack accomplishes. The notification already tells you which device was triggered.

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This work around allows you to set different notifications for each camera. You can have different sounds for each camera, I actually have recordings of a voice to tell me which camera it is and if it’s person or motion detection being detected.

the cameras in their regular form only make a sound. And that one sound is for every camera no matter which one’s going off.


If you set an individual sound for each individual camera when you hear that sound you know what camera you’re getting an alert from, so you know whether you need to look at it or not without touching your phone , locations of some cameras are more important than others


Ya beat me posting , I guess I was too slow typing

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I haven’t found an app on my iPhone that can do this yet, but I am sure that I saw an app that does just this so I will keep looking.

If you, like me, thought that an iPhone had better security and privacy than an Android phone than you haven’t heard the bad news. I am pretty sure that Apple will take great measures going forwards to protect our security, but for the last 19 years that simply hasn’t been the case. Every text, email, website, password, username, basically everything on your iPhone for the last 19 years has been made indiscriminately available to extremely careful entities. All the data from your iPhone could be accessed after an iPhone user merely browsed an infected website once, and then the exploit remained on the device until this February when Apple was alerted by Google, and patched this VERY quietly. Google’s Project Zero team, which works on defeating software vulnerabilities regardless of software or manufacturer, said malicious websites have been quietly hacking iPhones for countless years. The only way to be certain that you weren’t a victim is if you never surfed the web. So start changing your passwords now and more importantly, upgrade your IOS device to the latest version.

It’s complicated and not all of the details have been published, but you can pick through Google’s explanation, or skim comments on Hacker News

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An excellent and secure site to check all of the above mentioned is at:

You can sign up to be notified or better yet FireFox has an extension that will automatically let you know if you are visiting one of those sites and also if you have been hacked!