How to get Cam V3 siren to activate

Here is some more info. The user is using the rule editor in the app, which is not in the HMS settings area.


OK, thanks! I didn’t see the Add Rule and Device Trigger screen. I do now. That should solve things.

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Well, I guess I’m not understanding this as well as I thought. The problem is, I’m trying to control five (5) cameras. I have created four shortcuts: Front cameras only, Away, Home and Disable. I want to add rules and device triggers for all 5 cameras under each shortcut.

In other words, under the Away shortcut, I want my Family Room and Garage cameras to sound their sirens and send me notifications if they sense motion or sound, but I don’t want my 3 outdoor cameras to to do anything but record video.

Under my Front cameras only shortcut, I just want my 3 outdoor cameras to record, and the interior cameras to do nothing.

I guess what I’m asking is, after I’ve created my Rules, how do I put them under shortcuts? Thanks.

If I’m understanding your wants correctly, I believe these below will accomplish that:

Create your rule so that if motion is detected on X to sound the siren on X.

So for the away shortcut have it enable motion detection for the family room and garage. For the home shortcut, have it disable motion detection for the family room and garage.

There isn’t way to add existing rules under shortcuts. There isn’t that much logic in them yet. Just going to have to set the camera settings, other rules to work with the actions you have set in the shortcuts.

Thank you, but this is not working for me. I can get some of the cameras to work the way I want, but not others. It’s very frustrating. What’s the point of having shortcuts if you have to go and set individual rules all the time?

If I want cameras A & B to record only, but camera C to record and send notifications, and cameras D & E to record, send notifications and sound sirens, there’s apparently no way to put all of that under one shortcut.

Funny thing is, I can do all of the above with my Eufy system.

Are you talking about toggling recording to the local storage ( sd card), or cloud storage (camplus,free)?

I have SD cards in all of my cameras. One camera has a CamPlus subscription. When I say “record,” I just want the camera to be on and detecting motion.

Meanwhile, I just set my cameras to my “Front cameras only” mode in which I have my Family room and Garage cameras set to “Turn off the siren.” But when I walk into my Family room, the sirens in that room and my garage start blaring. Crazy.

The “turn off the siren” action, does just that, turns off the siren if it’s actively sounding. You need to disable detect motion in the event recording settings to disable that trigger, that’s the trigger that turns on the sirens.

The local storage and cloud storage are operated seperatly from eachother. In the camera settings under “event recording”, the detect motion toggle only effects the cloud storage side. These are what trigger events or rules. You currently can’t toggle the local storage settings via rules.

Thanks. The problem is, I leave my garage door open often, so I want the camera in there to detect motion and send me a notification … but not have the siren turn on. I can’t seem to achieve that combination.

For that you would have to manually disable the trigger rule that turns on the siren for the garage v3 when it detects motion when you did not want the siren to sound. Rules can not do that for you.

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Thank you. That seems to be the case.

Like I said, my Eufy cameras can do exactly what I explained. Too bad they’re battery powered and don’t record motion 24/7 as Wyze cams do.

Currently using Hubitat and have some outdoor V3 cameras. I want to use the camera’s siren when there is an intrusion or alarm in Hubitat’s HSM.

Has anyone figured out how to use an external system, API, or command to activate the camera’s siren?