How to get Cam V3 siren to activate

Has anybody here figured out how to get the Wyze Cam V3 to activate its siren when it senses motion? My cameras will alert me when there’s motion or sound, but won’t activate their sirens.

Yes, I have everything properly set up in the settings/menus. Thanks.

Not available with this firmware. Would be nice to scare old Wiley

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You can do it via Rules, or manually from the cameras “More…” menu. Not sure you want to automate it because there are so many ways to set up the camera that would cause false triggers, and you don’t want a siren blaring each time. But if you look at live view, and if you want to blare the siren, go for it!

Or just ask them what they are up to, lol.

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I used it the other day for people standing outside my house yelling across the street :rofl:

two screamed and took off running leaving the third just standing there confused… this was like 1600 in the afternoon so it’s not like it was even the middle of the night and they were doing something wrong…made my day

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I am able to set up triggers that set off the Alarm on any of my V3s. Go to your settings for the camera whose alarm you want to trigger, select schedules and automations and follow the UI’s intuitive controls to have the device of your choice trigger the alarm…

On my back yard cam I have it set to go off only if a person is detected. Which has luckily never happened. As glichty as some of the tech is, the AI seems to be solid. Maybe I have this feature bc I recently switched to a beta version of the app, but It seems like a pretty basic thing to do considering triggers and automation is kind of the name of the game with smart home toys. And if you couldn’t trigger the alarm what would be the Point in my opinion…

Thank you very much for this. But as I said in my original post, I have everything properly set up in my settings/menus.

It still won’t trigger the alarm!

BTW: I don’t have any schedules set.

As you know, the siren in the “More” menu manually triggers the alarm.

I DO want to automate my siren in case someone enters my garage or breaks into the first floor of my house at night while I’m upstairs sleeping.

But I do not have the siren enabled while I am home during the day. So no worries about false triggers.

My post was intended more for the responses that say it is not possible to automate the siren… I will update if I find official info on the automation potential. For now the only article I found says it is not yet possible to automate with other devices (I have not tried this, but I will if I have time today). I suspect it is either a beta feature or the controls are in place but the software isn’t active to make it work.

Can you show a screenshot of your settings for the alarm? I can try the same set up and test it out.

The only screenshot that you would see anything worthwhile in is in Schedules and Automations where it says “Turn on the siren” under both my Garage and Family room. I can assure you that’s what it says.

My v3 doesn’t make a Sound when motion is detected. Where is the audio alert option?

Forget it. The rules let you select turning on the siren, but it NEVER does. Even if you set a schedule for it. REALLY BAD that they would not test that!!! They really need to release the streaming software for V3 so you can actually integrate this camera into a system!!

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