How to get Alexa to recognize Wyze Home Montoring?

I installed and activated Wyze Home Monitoring. I do not see the system in my Alexa app, and do not see the Hub or Keypad in the devices when doing “discovery”. I have it connected to my router via ethernet. Does it need to be on WiFi to be seen?

You might have to enable the Wyze skill in alexa, but I’m unsure. I don’t use the HMS, but I do use alexa with my other Wyze items.

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The monitoring system works with “Alexa Guard Plus ”. The sensors can also be used to trigger Alexa automations. Some users are experiencing issues with the V2 sensor Alexa automations, this has been sent to Wyze for investigation.
Read the latest update on sensor integration here:

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What about Alexa Guard Plus? If I pay the $5 a month for that, can Alexa set my Wyze system to Away correctly? Or is that still not implemented correctly on your end?


I’m not sure about that as I haven’t tried Alexa Guard yet. I don’t believe there’s plans to arm and disarm the Wyze HMS with Alexa, but you can add it to tue #wishlist!

Sorry to be rude but what?? I preordered the HMS because you folks said it works with Alexa. Alexa Guard has a list of “supported security systems” and Wyze is not on it. Please tell me I didn’t just buy the wrong security system and should have gone with Ring instead.

@Brlepage is just a volunteer as all Mavens and Mods are on this forum. You could try support for exact answers from Wyze. These links found in the HMS area of the Wyze support site may help.

Wyze HMS with Alexa and Google Assisstant

Wyze with Alexa Guard Plus