How to delete a user from Wyze scale or factory reset and start over

How can you delete a user from the Wyze scale app or factory reset and start over? I have created a user by mistake and cannot find a way to remove it or to remove everything and start over.


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I think the scale defaults to the Wyze account user during setup. So, unless you create a new Wyze account, it will always grab that account if you delete the scale from your list of Wyze devices. (It’s been 2 weeks since I setup my scale and I don’t share it with anyone.)

If you created an extra user after you set up the scale, they can be deleted by open the scale settings, going into the users listed, select the extra user and then “edit”. I think you are given an option to delete the user there. But, play around with it.

Does this help?

It appears the problem is with the app, I have a user with no nickname in there first that I can’t delete. I can add a new user with name and photo but since its the same person as the first un-named user the scale always goes to that un-named user first. I can delete the named profile but when I try to do the same for the un-named first profile the delete option is not there. I can uninstall the scale and then add it back but that un-named user always comes back. I didn’t want to uninstall the Wyze app completely as I have 3 Wyze cams and a Wyze band on there and I afraid I’ll lose all that existing data from those devices.

That first user listed IS your Wyze account and cannot be deleted. There is a bug in the app. It should be pulling your account nickname and photo (if you have one) over automatically.

With some help, I was able to get those fields to update. First, go to your Wyze account profile and change the nickname to anything and then change it back to what you want. (Nothing will be lost or affected.) If you want to have a photo shown on the scale user, add or change your existing photo and now save the updates to your account.

Open up the scale settings and go to the users. The nickname and photo should now be present. At this point you can delete any extra users you created if you want.

To address your concern about losing data if you delete the Wyze app. Not to worry, all of the cameras and data is stored with your Wyze account on the Wyze servers. So, unless you delete all of the associated Wyze data folders manually from the phone, everything should be there when you reinstall the app.

But, in this case, I really don’t think that is needed.


This is apparently an app issue. I have an unnamed profile stored first that I created by mistake when setting up the scale. I can add a named profile and save it but the problem is that this is the same user so the weight is the same and the app always seems to go to that first user. I can delete the named user profile with the app but when I try to do the same for the un-named profile the delete option is not available. I can remove the scale from the app but when I add the scale back to the app that un-named profile is still there. I don’t want to try un-installing the Wyze app completely from my phone as I have 3 Wyze cams and a Wyze band and I am afraid I would lose all the data from those devices as well. Any thoughts?

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Great, that makes sense now. The only issue I still have is it won’t
let me set the nickname to “Mitchell” in the default account as the
additional user I created had that nickname. I deleted that additional
user but it still won’t let me use “Mitchell”. I have set it to
“Mitchel” for now unless there is something you guys can do on your end
to clear that old nickname.

Also, Thanks for the quick response!

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@mrdport, maybe try force stopping the Wyze app and clearing the cache (don’t me how to do that, I’m just repeating that advice :upside_down_face: ),
Then go into the scale and make sure there is only the main user shown. If so, return to your main Wyze account profile and try changing the nickname back to “Mitchell”. Sometimes you just gotta play around and see what works.
Good luck and have fun!
Mike VB

We’ll do.


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