How to change the network on my Thermostat

I changed internet providers at my home. Can I change the network on my thermostat? Or do I have to reinstall and reset the entire thing again?

It sounds as though you changed the name of the Wi-Fi network when new service and or equipment was installed. If you’re comfortable with accessing the administrative interface on the new router then you can just change the SSID /network name and password to that which was used in the prior router.

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If you stick with the new ssid, then yes, you’ll have to reset & re-install

It’s for the info. I’m not text savvy enough to get into my new router so I will have to reinstall the thermostat


I just had to reinstall the thermostat due to a change in routers. This is crazy to have to go through the complete install process just to change wifi info. Good thing I took a photo of my old thermostat wiring as there isn’t a way to do the install without selecting the color of wires from the old thermostat. WYZE make it easy to change Wifi without a COMPLETE INSTALL. WYZE listen to your customers with valid suggestions. When will WYZE publish a complete manual on how to use the thermostat.

I agree 100%. I have not reinstalled my thermostat because I dont remember the old wiring diagram so I cant make it work. So I have to use the the control on the thermostat itself and I cant use any smart features at all. It seems to me that this should be fixed by Wyze!!