How To Become A Beta Tester

I didn’t see a way to register. I found a register on betabound, is that what you use? (it was linked on centercodebta)

I am testing software for Waze, Android Auto and a Helpdesk Software (can’t say at this time). In addition, I have tested hardware for Logitech as well, but no new hardware currently.

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It depends on the software or hardware. For example, for Waze, you can go to: and then ‘join’ the community. If they accept you, they will send you a ‘Key’ to join the beta.

For others, you might want to search for “xxxxxx beta programs” or such…

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Link is not working

I have fixed the link in that comment. (or you can just follow this one)


Test flight shows iOS 2.5.35 which would seem to be older than the current version 2.5.53???

Also signed up for hardware since I can pretty easily test out anything other than POE outside. But I got no confirmation email or any positive response that I was accepted.

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The newer public released version means there is proably no current beta for iOS. When a beta gets released, it should then show up in test flight.

I don’t know the current process on how Wyze responds to beta testers for iOS. Maybe someone else with iOS can chime in.




@tayspen72, we tried Slack at one point and that SUPER didn’t work. We also tried the forum and that was better than Slack but still didn’t fit our needs.

I’ll talk to the team about looking into Mattermost and centercode to see if those are viable options. :slight_smile:

@Razr, you will not be disqualified with the information you put in. We just have to know that we’ll have a way to work with you. :slight_smile:

@twm.53, for the hardware testing, you won’t hear from us until you come up in the queue. There’s a pretty hefty line that we’re working through but we’re looking forward to working with you, too! If your information changes before you hear from us, please let me know and I can update your entry so you can keep your place in line.


Yes. I noticed the same thing. I switched back to the main app for now, since the beta app also had some problems with playback highlighting in .35 that seems to be fixed in the .53 main release.

@DreadPirateRush - That makes sense. Although I guess I assumed there would be two app branches. Beta branch and main branch. In that scenario, you might have beta features which are being tested over a period of time that spans multiple releases in the main branch, before those features are released to the main branch. In that scenario, there should always be a beta branch that’s ahead of the main branch, because even when the new version of the main branch is pushed out, there’s still a beta version which implements those changes, plus whatever beta features are being tested. Obviously, the version numbers seem to be telling a different story, but I’m wondering if that’s just because the developers have been lazy about pushing the new beta version to Test Flight.

@WyzeGwendolyn - Is DreadPirateRush’s assessment accurate? Are there times when there is effectively “no current beta” because the main app is ahead of the beta app in every respect? If so, could you ask the developers to at least upload the latest release of the app to TestFlight whenever it gets released, so that beta testers always get the latest updates?

I’d love to help beta test, but I ended up disabling it for now, because I realized that an issue that was giving me problems in the beta app (Playback highlighting) had actually already been fixed, I just hadn’t gotten the latest update because Test Flight was using an older version of the app than the App Store.

The most recent iOS public release only adds a pop up for Wyze Bulb and Wyze Plug setup when using iOS 13. On occasion, small changes like that are pushed public and technically are a higher version than the beta one and outpace it. We have an internal level, then alpha, then beta, and then the public release. Sometimes the beta testers have some wait time while we work on getting through the majority of known bugs so that they have a better experience and aren’t left sifting through issues we already know about. :slight_smile:

Okay. I assumed maybe some bug fixes had been implemented in .53 compared to .35, because the playback highlighting issue is definitely different between the .35 beta release and .53 public release. I assumed that meant it had been fixed in the interim, but maybe it means that there’s a separate feature in the beta branch that’s breaking it.

Thx for info. Had a feeling it was maybe a very long wait list.

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Seems a little counter productive to offer a beta older than the current release regardless of how minor the update. Seems like it would be best to just pull the older beta with a note to get current app from App Store or maybe just to check back on test flight once s a new beta is available.

We actually were planning to release a beta about a day later but we realized we needed to bake it a little more first. :slight_smile:

I am unable to become a beta tester…

I guess more information would be in order. What happens when you try, what operating system are you using, what device are you using, are you applying to become one here?

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When I click on the link it gives me a blank page that says error. But I’m running Android 9 on a pixel 3.

Looks like that link is broken


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Here’s the working link:

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