How To Become A Beta Tester



Hi, everyone!

Thank you for your interest in helping us beta test! It’s an incredibly important stage for development and your help makes it more likely that we’ll have time to find and fix bugs before launches. As long as you’re okay with the possibility of running into bugs and the lower possibility of needing us to replace a camera for you, we’re happy to have you on board! If you would rather not run these risks, you should probably turn back now.

Okay, now that the people that should stick with the release versions have left this post, here’s a link that has the various testing categories, information about them, and instructions for how to join or apply.

Happy testing! :bug:





We do plan to move away from Facebook groups for future testing, but we’re not at that point yet.

Any ETA on this?


Not a firm one yet. We’re investigating how well the forum would work as a new home for testing cycles so we may switch over for the next one (but aren’t making promises yet).