How many Wyze cams do you own?



Thought I’d start a poll to see how many Wyze Cams everyone has and why.

I have 1 Wyze Cam v2. Got it because I wanted a camera to watch my carport and driveway for deliveries. It wasn’t important enough that I wanted to spend a couple hundred on a security system, but using an old Android phone with an IP cam app was too unreliable. Found the Wyze Cam while searching review sites for a cheap, reliable camera. Now I have plans to order 2 more once I work out sources of power and outdoor protection.


Nine. Seven V2s and two Pans



I wanted to keep an eye on everything while I take a trip, Started with a v2 to try it out ,Now I have 6 v2’s and one pan cam , some are inside, but now I keep an eye on the outside all the time.


Four. One v1, two v2, and a PanCam.

I have one of my v2 outside in a protected area with no other “outside-ation”, it has been there for two months now and has not gone offline.

I use the Alexa integration on my Echo Show and Fire TV Stick (after it finally upgraded to the version that works with Wyze, only took Amazon a month to determine me upgrade worthy).

I will buy more IF Wyze makes it so the App can view multiple cameras at one time and even more if they make an outdoor and doorbell version. I have tried all the ways mentioned here; TinyCAM Pro is not reliable, and the Android emulators for PC are resource hogs and also not reliable.

Wyze Cams far exceeds anything out there that is less than $300.00. I have five Ring products, and Wyze gives them a run for the money.


18 V1’s, 1 V2, 1 Pan.

These are split between two locations. I can monitor them from my phone no matter where I am. Love these cameras.


Still working out how many I need - but for now: 1v1, 2v2, and 2 Pan Cams.



I have a PAN and 8 V2s. I have 4 V2s outside and the rest inside. I also have 3 V1s in a draw which I upgraded to V2s. At this price point I had no concerns replacing the V1s with V2s. I really love these cameras!


7 total in two homes


Just bought my fourth one.


Currently 6
5 Building Cams
1 Auto Dash Cam




Two v2 cameras right now. I will purchase 6 more when RTSP support is enabled.

I’ll also be bringing several over to my friends in the UK when I go visit them over summer :slight_smile: