How does Wyze bulb work with regular light switches?

So I love the early access Wyze Smart bulbs.
I cant wait for the automatic scheduling feature to come out.

I have it installed in a regular fixture and when not using the app to turn it off and it gets turned off with the light switch, does it lose power and get disconnected from the network?
In one of my bedrooms it lost the network since it was turned off with the light switch. How can this be prevented, my other family members dont want to take out their phone every time they want to turn on the light


I wonder if this could be remedied by replacing a standard light switch with a smart switch. Since the circuit gets broken whatever is behind the switches loses power, thus falls off the wifi nextwork… Makes sense. Using a light switch to turn off a smart bulb kinda defeats the purpose of using smart bulbs. Maybe Wyze is working on smart switch next?

Smart bulbs aren’t made to have power cut to them due to inrush current when turning back on.

The Wyze bulbs work with Alexa and Google Assistant.

If you want to help keep switches from being turned off outside of the Wyze app, or Alexa or Google Assistant, you could try these:

Light Switch Guard

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