How does the Video doorbell integrate with Google Home?

Wyze does not sell chimes for the doorbell. The teeny chime that came with the video doorbell may be enough for a condo apartment. Not for a large, detached home. I miss callers at the door if I am not in the vicinity of the chime.
Can I get the doorbell to connect to my Google Home devices? Mini, Hub? So they ring or notify me when the doorbell rings?

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At present, the VDBv1 does not integrate with Google Home or Alexa. This is currently pending certification for addition into the next Firmware Update.

I have my VDBv1 set up for VOIP calling to my phone with an earth shattering loud custom ringtone. I am never without my phone and I can hear it from 3 counties over.

Yes… the chime is pertnear useless unless you are sitting right beside it.

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oh… this is a good one… [Mod Edit] marketing saying it would work just fine on google home hub and a year after release, it still doesn’t. I feel jipped -_-

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I don’t recall seeing the VDBv1 being marketed as compatible for integration on Google Home or Alexa devices. I was aware of that when I bought mine. Most of their other cams do integrate, but not the doorbells.

This is because of technical issues with the aspect ratio of the image being displayed on those devices. The doorbell cams have an image that is much taller and not as wide as standard cam images. They had problems in the past because it rotated the image 90 degrees and was viewed sideways. They are having the same issue now with the Live Webview integration and that is their own coding.

If you have a screenshot of the marketing material claiming the doorbells are compatible pls post it. Would be good to present to Wyze with a WTH?

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