How do you use Wyze bulb?

I use individual bulb scenes all of the time. I have an old house with no light switches so all lamps are controlled individually.

I have Room bulbs grouped by room. I set up scenes to control all lights, and then I set up individual scenes for each bulb to control specific room area lighting as needed.

I also set up schedules to change the color temperature and then change not back at specific times to let me know what time it is during a busy party. to cue me to check the oven or start a meal course.

For me, this is a game changer.

It would be nice to have an even dimmer setting. Maybe they fade over time but right out of the box they are very bright. Used in ceiling, one ceiling is pretty high.

I’m considering getting the bulbs, but need to know:

Are those times standard times? Are those time settings affected by DST? What I mean is that sunset time is going to change, so if I set a bulb to turn on at approximately an hour after sunset, will I need to keep on updating the setting, depending on the date?

The times are current EST
Until wyze comes up with something different , The way I have it set up I will have to change the times occasionally in my shortcuts when days get shorter and when DST changes .
I don’t have a problem changing it once in awhile, it is either do it this way or not at all

I have two Wyze bulbs and they go offline every three days. Right now they are offline and I cannot get them to reconnect I also cannot get remove devise to work. No problem with other brands.

Most likely it is this.

How do i activate/change the WYZE bulb color tone/Scene via Google Home Assistant?

I am not sure as to the correct phrase syntax.
I do not see a setting in GA Routines to change the color temp or brightness.

Also, a thing i notice, the Google Home app, the color tones options are not quite right or match the WYZE app.
Ivroy= Cool (not not max cook k)
daylight = white (but kinda soft)
cool white = soft white
warm white = more soft white
incandescent / candlelight= very warm white

I find coordination with amazon echo way better than the google assistant. I grouped 4 bulbs together named north south east west in the living room cieling fand and call them group “living room”. I tell alexa renamed computer “computer turn on north bulb 1%” for use as a nightlight or “computer turn on living room 100%” when wanting bright. I generally keep it on white or sometimes soft white. same for 2 bulbs outside on the back deck. use one at 1% all night or off and if there is something that attracts the attention of the dog “computer turn on backyard 100%”. I use one for the bedroom and one in the maste bath choosing to just say “computer turn on bedroom” as I walk down the hall and “computer turn off bedroom” after I’m tucked in for the night. I have noticed a couple times the bathroom or bedroom on in the middle of the night. either I said something in my sleep, or the dog did, or they just came on themselves but it was weird. I do notice avter a power outage because the light switch is on but they were told to be off the power bump has them come on as if you cycled the wall switch. that may be the issue with people having the bulbs come on by themselves. I started to use sensors and it worked but the situation was not optimal for me.